Game of Thrones “The Climb” Review


This week’s episode starts off very slow.  While it doesn’t have the same kick previous two episodes have, it does bring us another wonderful episode in its own way.

Just like the previous review, I’m going to use a lot of nicknames, and physically appearances to name the characters.  A lot of things happen here and there in this episode, and all without Daenerys.  How can you have an episode without Daenerys anyway?

First scene I want to talk about is Arya and the bandits.  It’s shocking to see the red hair witch turns out to know the bandits people, and it seems like the leader learns his “reviving” power from the same sorcery source as her.  She seems concern as the eye-patch man has been brought back to life many times already.  I really wonder what kind of power it is, and how it will be play out later in the series.

The saddest thing is when Arya’s future husband is taken away from the brotherhood.  I’m curious how they learned he is the late king’s son, and what’s going to happen to him next.  Also, remind me, does he know he’s the king’s bastard son?  I don’t really remember, and if anything, maybe someone told him off screen.  Another interesting thing to note is the red hair witch staring into Arya’s eyes and sees darkness with different color eyes staring back at her.  I wonder what this mean, and whose eyes those belong to?

The second scene, and perhaps the most intense one this week, belongs to Theon Greyjoy.  His torture scene with Simon from Misfits is uncomfortable to watch, especially when Theon begins to beg Simon just to cut off his finger is creepy and makes me cringe.  The game Simon plays with Theon is sadistic.  Especially how he lies that Theon got the right answer just to fuck with him.  You really came a long way, Simon from Misfits.


Still a creepy motherfucker though

Anyway, so who is Simon really?  Do you remember back in season 2 before Theon was knocked out, he heard someone blowing a horn and he was annoyed by it?  Simon was blowing a horn at Theon in this episode, maybe they’re the same person?  While it still didn’t answer who Simon is, but at least it’s some clue.

The third, and final scene I want to talk about it Littfinger’s speech at the end of the episode.  The speech travels across many different shots including one with Joffrey killing Ros.  Poor girl, she’s my favorite prostitute in the series.  The chaos is a ladder speech is what this episode is all about, and the final scene where Jon Snow and Ygritte stand on the top of the wall is just beautiful.  It allows to look forward to what Game of Thrones will bring us in the future, and i’m looking forward to it.

Again, no Daenerys makes me sad.



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