Iron Man 3 Review


Iron Man 3 is a good movie.  I get nervous, excited, scared and laughed the whole way through.  It’s a good movie one its own, but that’s not the case.  Iron Man 3 is part of the bigger plan of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.  Once you remember that, Iron Man 3 is not so impressive anymore.

The movie is about a mistake Tony Stark made years ago, and how he is paying for it now in the modern day.  Also, it’s a journey where Tony needs to learn how to be independent from his iron suit.  It’s cool to see Tony trying to do mission without his suit.  That’s right, The suit does not make Iron Man, as Tony himself is the Iron Man.

Tony is also suffering from panic attacks due to the wormhole at the end of The Avengers movie.  Not only it serves as an emotional obstacle in his adventure, it also adds on to his fear as “a tiny human with a suit.”  Maybe, while Thor is a god, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawk Eye all have their physical skills, Tony Stark really is just a man who depends on his fancy suit.  It’s a nice touch here trying to separate Tony from his suit, and allows him to be “Iron Man” without it.

The main villain of the film is The Mandarin, a classic and fan favorit villain from the comic series.  In the comic, The Mandarin is a genius villain with ten rings and ten different powers.  However, in the film, he turns out to be an actor only.  While the situation is hilarious, it disappoints hardcore fans who wants to see a justifiable The Mandarin on the big screen, and I’m one of them.

It turns out Aldrich Killian is the real Mandarin in the film universe.  It’s bizarre especially knowing that the terrorist group that The Mandarin led was in the franchise already since the first Iron Man movie.  While this is something that’s going to make a geek’s mind explodes  Aldrich Killian turns out to be a pretty decent villain.  He has a strong motive, looks good, and clearly evil.  The type of villain that any movie should keep around.

Pepper Pot (not Indian dish) is really sexy in this movie.  She was injected with the the super human thingy, thus becoming super strong and kicks Killian’s ass.  Rocking out a tank top and Iron Man’s gauntlet, can you spell sexy any other way?


My kind of woman

The final showdown with all the Iron Man suits fighting the enemies is awesome, but disappointed at the same time.  While it’s cool to see about dozens of Iron Man suit all flying at the same time, it would cooler to see Tony jumps from one suite to another while killing some evil doers.  Sadly, that’s not he case.  I understand the idea is that Tony needs to separate himself from his suit, but a little fan service never hurt (like Pepper Pot here).

There are a lot of comedy moments in this movie, and they all seem familiar…. I know, they’re just like The Avengers movie.  It’s good to see the director trying to set a similar tone, but it doesn’t necessary mena it will work.  A lot of jokes in this movie seems like they’re pushing it to be funny, and it doesn’t work too well.  A moment I remember clearly comes at the end where Tony is about to put on his Mark 47 just to have it crushes into pieces next to him.  It’s funny, but I feel like they’re trying too much.

At the end, Tony finally gives up all of his Iron Man suits, and he gets a surgery to remove the cap on his chest.  While it seems like a perfect ending for Iron Man, I can’t help it but feel like the heart warm goodbye is a bit rushed.  Now they specially states that Tony Stark will return, does that mean Tony will return, but not Iron Man?  Only time will tell.

The first movie of the phase two of Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s a rocky start so far.  Like I said before, the movie is good by himself, but knowing its a franchise, it’s missing elements a bigger project should have.  Not enough cross overs, not enough references of Thanos, the main villain of the second phase.  While this might not be a problem back in phase one, but we already experienced the epicness of Avengers movie, and this seems like a let down compares to it.  We get to see the trailer of the next Thor movie, and it seems awesome.  Hopefully that’s a better Marvel Cinematic Universe movie than this one.



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