Mad Men “For Immediate Release” Review

Ted, Don and Peggy ponder the latest plot twist.

Now that’s an interesting episode.  SCDP and CGC are merging into one company, and I didn’t see it coming at all.  Too bad for Peggy though.  She just left the company, and comes a big circle to be working under Don again.

So is Peggy the character we’re going to be focusing on this season?  We go through the journey with her and her boyfriend where she wants to find a better apartment and moves on with life, at the end she ends up staying at a not ideally apartment, and eventually goes backward to where she was in the first place.

The scene where Don and Ted talk in the bar is terrific.  It’s a important scene where the two smaller agencies just realized how small, and weak they are by themselves.  Sometime it’s more important to toss differences aside and work together for the greater good.

Pete has some of the most powerful scene this week.  It’s sad to see his attempts to sneak back home, it’s even sadder when he tells his wife that he sees the father-in-law with a hooker, and his wife doesn’t believe him.  Yep, Pete is a sad fellow with a lot of shit going on in his life, but I don’t necessary feel sad for him.  I’m glad Trudy is still standing her ground against Pete.  Don’t ever give up, Trudy!

Also, how funny is it when Pete gets so angry at Don, and he falls down the stairs yelling at him.



Mentioning Pete’s reason to get mad, I’m also glad to see Joan speaking up for how she really feels about the entire SCDP/Jaguar relation.  It’s fuck up that Joan has to do what horrible things for SCDP to get the Jaguar deal, of course she gets furious when Don sabotages the deal.  It’s true though- it’s not fair that everyone in the agency needs to be scare of their livelihood just because Don might one day snapped and makes another drastic decision.  If anything, it might bet the decision that causes everyone their jobs.

Anyway, I wonder how the merger will do to the company.  Does this mean everyone will be working in the same building now?  Or they’re going to move some people around?  Again, it would be funny and sad to see Peggy coming a full circle just to work under Don again.



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