Comics Reviews 5-08-2013

Another week of comic books, and unlike last week, we actually get good comics this week.

First off, cover of the week:

photo 2 (4)

Batman shattering Red Hood’s mask in RAGE!!!  Where can you find a better cover than this?

Onward with the reviews!  

photo 1 (4)

Avengers Arena issue 9.  Starting with this issue, it becomes clear who’s the biggest threat on the island.  We need a character like that who’s willing to play the game, otherwise everyone is just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

The whole twins sharing a body thing is interesting.  Especially when we find out both personalities are problematic.  While Tim talks ill about his psychotic sister all the time, it turns out that he is needed her to survive.  He will go as far as causing others’ lives just so he can survive another day.

Now the main villain is out in open, I wonder how the other teenagers will react to this.  Avengers Arena is really becoming one of the best series in Marvel comics, and I’m really looking forward to see what’s in store next.


photo 5 (2)

One Piece chapter 708.  One Piece has been pretty disappointed again, and I have no idea why I’m still reading it.  Nothing much happened this week, but just the result of  Chinjao noticing who Luffy really is.  It turns out that Chinjao REALLY hates Garp, and he REALLY wants Luffy dead.  Well, the fight was broken apart by Chinjao’s two crew members, and things will be fine for a while.

Nothing much happens on the stadium either, and we see the Fishman, Hack, breaks his hand by trying to punch Bartolomeo.  It turns out that Bartolomeo has some sort of Devil Fruit power, and it generates an invisible shield around him.  Hopefully next week’s chapter is better than this, and we get more insight of what’s going on.


photo 3 (2)

Suicide Squad issue 20.  This series is getting better and better.  I really like this series because you’ll never expect who’s joining the team, or who’s leaving the team (dead).  Anyway, it was shocking to see the Unknown Soldier joining the team last issue; it’s even more of a shock to see James Gordon Jr. joining the team as well.  Last time we see the motherfucker, he was fighting with his sister in the pages of Batgirl issue 19.  He jumps off the bridge, and presumed dead.

It’s also interesting to see deeper of the members of Suicide Squad.  While we already know the main members are Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark and maybe Unknown Soldiers, it’s always fun to see who might return from the dead to join the team.  It seems like Yo-You might make another appearance in the near future, but he just exploded, so we never know.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the next issue of Suicide Squad, and can’t wait to see the new team in action.  What’s in store for this team of evil doers it’s unknown, but I know the team can definitely pull it off.



photo 4 (3)

The Walking Dead issue 110.  The comic series is getting really bad these days.  All the anti-climatic situations, and dramatic story lines that turns out to be nothing at all.  Robert Kirkman has to stop teasing us about something bigger to come, just to have us disappointing every damn month.

Last issue we see that guy named Kai is about to tell Negan about the plan to take him down, and this issue begins with Jesus trying to stop Kai from telling Negan.  The whole situation reminds me of Rick trying to stop Martinez from telling The Governor where the prison is.  It turns out, Kai is nothing like Martinez, and Jesus is nothing like Rick.  Kai backs down in the last second, and stops himself from telling Negan’s people what happened.

The same can be said about Michonne and Ezekiel.  One moment they’re having sword plays, the next moment they’re already making up.  The Walking Dead isn’t as well written as it used to be, and I though Robert Kirkman will have more free time now since the TV series is on season break.  I was wrong.  I’m looking for more conflicts, and maybe even some deaths to spice the story up a bit.  Hopefully next issue will be better.



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