Game of Thrones “The Bear and The Maiden Fair” Review


Every season, George R.R. Martin, the original author of the book, will write an episode.  This is that episode of the season written by Martin.  After knowing the deaths, and things to come in the book this season is based on (not spoiling the book), I thought this would be the episode with major deaths.  Well, I was wrong.  This turns out to be a very busy, and not so focused episode.  

Don’t get me wrong though, the episode is still good.  While not a lot is going on, it focuses on many character developments/moments.  It also features one of the strongest character moment Jamie Lannister ever has.  No joke, I really want to see Jamie and Brienne together by the end of this season, or my shit will flip!

The scenes of Jon Snow and the people from the North is kind of dragged on.  We all know that Jon is having mix feelings with Ygritte, and he can’t help it but tell her the truth.  The truth that the North tries to attack the kingdom for six times already, and they failed every single time.  It’s an important knowledge to prevent the unavoidable death.  Also, I apparently don’t understand “moments” anymore.  There was a great moment between Jon Snow and Ygritte where I thought they were going to kiss, but they didn’t kiss until they got into the fight about the history of her people’s defeat.  The whole t hing flies over my head, and I’m left in confusion.

The whole Tyrion marrying Sansa thing is still iffy.  And they’re explore more into it this episode.  Tyrion is trying his best to make things up with Shae, but we should all know better by now that things are pointless.  Papa Lannister is just too powerful to fight with, and seriously, what’s her end game here?  I don’t want to be mean cause I actually like the character, but she will always be a secret.  Tyrion can never really marry her, knowing the politics of the world they’re living in.

One of the best scene in the episode is the conversation between Joffrey and his grandpa.  We just can’t help it and enjoy a scene where Joffrey gets to look really bad, even though Joffrey is most likely right here.  Yep, you heard me right.  Joffrey is worrying about the “Targaryen girl and her dragons,” and his has every reasons to regardless what her grandpa tells him.  Damn, we know shit is coming to King’s Landing when Joffrey is right.

Mentioning that “Targaryen girl,” it’s good to see Dany this episode.  She is my favorite character, but damn!  It sucks to negotiate with her.  Every single fucking time when deal goes south for her, she has her dragons snarls at other.  Also, she should change her name to “Dany the Slave Freer.”  Every single city she goes, she frees slaves.  She’s my hero.

The scene with Theon is just messed up.  Two hot chicks walk in and gives him the biggest blue ball of the life time, and he has to lose a penis because of it?  That’s fuck up.  I know Theon’s story is that he’s done a lot of bad things in life, and he needs to be punished.  But come on, no man deserves the shit he’s getting.  I don’t know what I want happen to Theon next, but just stop already and either kill him, or let him go.

The ending of the episode is epic.  Jamie jumps between Brienne and the bear weaponless, and plan-less just shows what kind of character he’s becoming.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these Jamie and Brienne moment.  Please have them hook up already.

Not as strong as last week’s episode.  Especially Cersei didn’t make an appearance for a mother’s day episode?  That’s just weird.



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