Mad Men “Man with a Plan” Review

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So this episode answers my question right away: Is everyone working in the same building now?  The answer is: yes.  The episode opens with everyone from CGC moving to SCDP building, and it’s a totally chaos.  People looking for their offices, people sharing offices, people sharing jobs, and in one sad case, someone got fired right away.  While it’s fun to see the office merging, that’s not forgot other important moments in this episode.

Let’s start with the obvious.  So it runs out that this episode also features the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.  It was only a few episodes ago when MLK was killed, and we almost forgot what kind of turmoil 1968 was.  I don’t really understand the reason for the close-up on Don’s face when news is talking about Bobby Kennedy’s death.  For a moment there I thought Don was going to tell Megan what he’s been doing with Sylvia.

The whole psychology matters behind Don is disturbing in this episode.  Don keeps Sylvia is a hotel room the whole day, and treats her life a sex slave.  The whole thing is disturbing and bizarre.  I guess this is Don’s way of regaining control of his life, but there’s also the thing about Sylvia’s dress that Don gave him.  I can’t shake the feeling that the whole thing has something to do with his mother, and it’s some sort of mother issue.  The thing is, I don’t really have any thing to back up with it, and it’s just purely my gut feeling.

Bob Benson turns out to be a pretty interesting character.  Is he who “Man with a Plan” is referring to?  Joan feels really sick in this week’s episode, and Ben takes her to the hospital.  He gets Joan to see a doctor quickly, and he visits her at home later.  While the whole thing is sweet, Joan thinks Ben is only doing this to be on her good side.  I don’t know what his true intention is, but I would like to think it’s out of the kindness of his heart.

Pete has some interesting story in this week’s episode, too.  In fact, I have a bad feeling that if Pete doesn’t do something soon, he might actually lose his job (even though he’s a partner).  Pete comes into the meeting late, and he doesn’t have a chair to sit in.  Just when everyone goes through some chairs shuffles, Pete has to be asked to leave the meeting right away because of his mother.  Pete is essentially a pretty good son, but his mother couldn’t have come in a worse time.  The company is going through a bid merging, and if he’s not careful, he might really get kick out of the company.  He even misses the opportunity to see a client because of his mother.  Well, Pete.  This is difficulties you have to face, and it’s about time for you to act like a man.

Ted is clearly trying his best to fit into SCDP.  He is not a drinker, but with Don’s influence  he’s drinking now.  However, does this really mean Ted is being influence by SCDP, or does this mean Ted is getting used to SCDP.  Think about it, everyone from CGC is slowly taking over SCDP in their own way.  Ted’s secretary takes over Joan’s list of papers, and Ted is running a meeting while Don’s sleeping with Sylvia.  CGC is not being influenced, they’re mere parasites trying to adopt to their host.  The essentials at SCDP has to be careful before things are too late.

Peggy is the only one from CGC whose not happy with the merging.  She comes up to Don and tells him that she wants Ted to affect Don, and not the other way around.  While this are just her complains on the appearance, it’s obvious her reasons run deeper than that.  She’s having a shitty life, and now she has to work in the old office she left just not too long ago.  She has to use the stupid office with a beam in it, and we’re still not sure who’s going to stick around, and who’s going to get canned.

“Man with a Plan” is a good episode, and it sets the viewers to a uncertain future.  What’s coming up next is anyone’s guess, and can we finally see Betty again?



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