Things I Noticed From DC August 2013 Solicitations


It’s that time of month when DC released their newest solicitations.   And here are things I noticed from the August Solicitations!

  • Threshold, Dial H, Demon Knights, and Legion of Superheroes cancelled:  Four more titles cancelled this month, and we’re further, and further away from that magical number of 52.  If DC doesn’t come up with new titles in September soon, then they shouldn’t call New 52 “New 52” anymore.
  • DC Universe VS. Masters of the Universe: Like the post I done before, DC is planning on a cross-over even between DC heroes and He-Man and friends.  Also like the post stated, while I’m not looking forward to this the most, but I wouldn’t mind check out at least the first issue to have a better understanding of the even.  
  • Batman Incorporated Special:  While Batman Incorporated ended in July, DC is not done with the title yet.  They’re releasing a 48 pages one-shot with different creators.  From the look of the cover, it’s uncertain who some of the characters are.


  • Earth 2 happening, that’s what: Other than the typical Earth 2 title, a lot of our heroes seem like they’re visiting Earth 2 as well.  We have the Batman/Superman title where both heroes are going to run into their counterparts from Earth 2.  Also, it seems like Huntress and Power Girl are going to do something about Earth 2 as well.
  • Only one Young Justice left: I think I mentioned this before, but there were only two Young Justice title left: Teen Titans and Legion of Superheroes.  Now with the departure of Legion, there’s only one title left.  DC either has to add more titles to this line, or they should just drop the line all together.  Quite frankly, it won’t be the saddest thing without this line anyway.  Teen Titans sucks.  

And finally:


Trinity War ends already.  It’s such a short lived event for all the hype.  We still don’t know the detail of the event yet, but apparently some murder is about to happen.  We still don’t know who this death is, but it’s starting to seem like an Identity Crisis event on steroid or something.        


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