Comic Reviews 5-15-2013

Another week of Comic Reviews!  How do you like the site’s new layout?

First off, cover of the week:

Batgirl 20

The new Ventriloquist is just bone chilling.  This is the perfect cover to introduce brand new villains.

Onward with the reviews–

Vibe # 4

Justice League of America’s Vibe issue 4.  Finally, this issue gives us a closer look at Gypsy, one of the classic characters from the old DC universe.  In the new 52, Gypsy is a dimensional traveler who was captured by A.R.G.U.S, and all she wants is go home to her people.

Gypsy appears to be a decent character as she only steals from the rich.  To get herself a new outfit, she steals a ridiculously expensive sunglasses ($50!) to exchange for sandals.  She then uses the sandals to exchange for some t-shirts.  She then uses the T-shirt to exchange for skirts.  She then sells a skirt for some money.  Finally, she uses the money to buy a popcorn for a homeless to replace the one she accidentally knocks over.  The whole time I’m thinking, why doesn’t she just use her illusion power and disguises herself?  Perhaps her illusion power uses up to much of her energy.

It’s easy to guess that the Batman on the cover is actually Gypsy in disguise, no surprise there.  Vibe hardly does a thing in this issue, but jeopardizing his position in Justice League of America.  I wonder how this is going to play out in JLA issues, since the two series are very close connected.  What bugs me the most in this issue is civilians sticking up for Gypsy.  Really?  Everyone just happens to remember who this girl is, and how she’s a good person?  Sure, fool me.

The Suicide Squad is set to make an appearance in the next issue.  I wonder how things are going to play out.

It’s good to see Gypsy makes a full return to the DC Universe.


One Piece 709

One Piece Chapter 709- “King Punch.”  Finally, an One Piece chapter that’s actually pretty good.  Also, It turns out I guessed it right!  Bartolomeo does have a Devil Fruit power, and it does give him invisible shield- Bari Bari Fruit, for “barrier.”  In this chapter, all of the B bloc contestants are defeated, and the winner turns out to be Bartolomeo.  What a trip!   There’re a lot of promising contestants, and they’re all defeated.  Like Ricky, I actually was really looking forward to see him have better performance, but what a shame.

It was a surprise to me that Bluegilly turns out to be a formidable opponent.  He stands his own ground until the final moment, when Elizabello finally releases his punch.  And what a punch that was!  Everyone on the stadium are blown away but Bartolomeo due to his barrier.  Too bad though, the punch exhausts Elizabello and leaves him wide open for Bartolomeo to finish him off.

One thing that bugs me is when Luffy cheers for Bellamy.  I don’t understand why he’s doing this, and I think Luffy forgot that they’re enemies.  Stupid Luffy.

The final panel has Thunderous Soldier of Rage ready to tell Franky the history of Dressrosa.  I can’t wait for that, and it’s finally about time for us to understand the island we’re currently one better.

This is the chapter we’ve been waiting for a long time.  Hopefully the following weeks only get better.


Wolverine and X men 29

Wolverine and the X-Men issue 29.  What an interesting issue!  It takes us 25 years to the future and sees what the Jean Grey School turns out to be, and let me say, it turns out pretty good!  First off, I thought Wolverine doesn’t age?  But the Wolverine in the issue has become an old man… Is it a hint that Wolverine might find a cure for his healing factor, or it is just a simple bug that I’m reading too much into?

It seems like this issue is a preparation for the upcoming Battle of the Atom event.  We get to see some of the characters that strongly suggested to be off-spring of some of our familiar character, like Iceman.  We also learn about some of the events that’s about to come including the Hellfire Academy, Sabretooth’s secret plans and Jean Grey.  I’m pretty sure Jean either turn evil, or died again.

It seems like everyone forgot about the time capsule though, and I wonder why it is.  Is it simply because 25 years is a long time, or is it because some other event that will happen later alters their memories.  I guess we will have to keep reading to find out.

At the end of the issue, we see Idle leaving Jean Grey School to join the Hellfire Academy.  It’s not clear what her reasons are, but one thing for sure: Jean Grey School just lost a very important student.



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  1. I’ve never read a Batgirl comic, but the cover has me intrigued. Have you read it? Is it a good issue to jump into?


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