The Office Series Review

The Office - Season 9

After 9 years, The office finally comes to a conclusion.  

I still remember 9 years ago when The Office first aired in TV.  It was an unique show with different energy, and it was added to my “must watch TV” schedule right away.  It’s hard to imagine a life without ever watching The Office, but now I have to get used to it.

The office comes at a time when iTunes first become something, and it was mind-blowing to watch videos on your portal devices.  Now days, it’s just a day that ends with “y” if you’re watching videos on devices.  Anyway, I remember one of the first videos I downloaded to my iPod (what’s that?  You mean an iPhone?) was The office episodes.  It’s just to show how advanced this series really is, and it opens up some many more windows for different TV shows.

We grew up with The Office in the past 9 year.  While we see the characters on TV fall in love, married, have kids and finding themselves better life, we’re also falling in love, married, have kids and finding ourselves better life.  How many couples out there actually model themselves after Jim and Pam?  How many bosses actually try to lighten the office mood like Michael Scott does?  How many beets farmers tries to be like Dwight?  We grew up along side these characters, and they’re part of our life, culture and society.  So it’s not just saying goodbye to an old friend, it’s saying goodbye to an end of an era.

Not all journeys are joy and laughter, there are of course some bumps on the road.  Especially during season 6~7 where the show’s rating isn’t as good as it used to, and Steven Carrell wants to leave the show.  That was a very sad period of time, as The Office is only funny because Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott character is around.  I mean, how can you go for an Office episode without “That’s what she say?”  I don’t think I can be satisfied without it.

That's what she said

Well, it turns out, The Office can’t really last long without Steven Carrell.

That's what she said

Somebody stop me, I’m on a roll here

All jokes aside though, the show only last for one more season with Carrell, and it’s in the final season.  Don’t get me wrong though, the show it’s still pretty good without Michael, but it’s just not the same.  It’s like the elder relatives in the family just passed away, and their room just seem extra empty.  It’s just not the same.

To me, the highlight of the show comes around the time when Michael finally meets Holly.  While many think the fairy tale love story of The Office belongs to Jim and Pam, I think the actual love story belongs to Michael and Holly.  Throughout the show, we know that Michael is just not good with woman.  He’s awkward, dorky and quite frankly, a kid trapped in an adult’s body (oh man, I really want to use another “That’s what she said” image).  It’s hard for him to find a woman who appreciates him for who he is, and Holly is that woman.  They’re both awkward and dorky, and they have exactly the same thinking patterns.  I remember the episode where Michael is lost, and they asked Holly to use her natural instinct to find him, and they succeeded!  It’s really hard a perfect woman like this, and Michael did it.  To me Micheal’s love story is the highlight of the show, and the true fairy tale love story of The Office.

Now let’s talk about the finale episode.  The episode begins time jump couple months into the future.  We see that Stanley retired, and Kevin got fired.  Some new people are working in the office, and Jim and Pam are planning on leaving.  The episode structures around Dwight and Angela’s wedding- another power couple in The Office.  While these two are not as cute as Jim and Pam , or Michael and Holly, they are powerful enough for many fans to root for them- if you can over look the fact that Angela cheats on both Dwight and Andy at the same time.

During the wedding, we see Ryan and Kelly got back together as well.  If there are any characters that shouldn’t be together, it’s these two.  We all know there icky history, and I don’t feel like going deeper with it.  The strongest moment in the episode is when Steven Carrell makes a brief cameo as Dwight’s best man.  It’s good to see him return, especially after months of speculation.  While Carrell doesn’t do much in the episode, I feel like it’s perfect.  Michael already did his exit, and it’s not right to have him stealing the thunder.  The few lines though, it’s really funny.  “Its like all my kids grew up and married each other.”  Instant classic.

We also come to a wrap with all the characters: Jim and Pam are finally moving on with life, Angela and Oscar are friends, Phyllis and Stanley are friends, Nellie finally got a baby (method questionable), and Andy finally becomes someone important.  We know these characters for 9 years, and it’s good to see them at where they wanna be.

Everything comes to an end, and it’s a really long journey.  The Office is a wonderful series that helps define this generation.  Now that it is over, I find myself not knowing what do expect next.  Can we really have a show that speaks to us the same way The Office did?  I think not, and I’m not looking forward to it.  But hopefully, a show or two will come around the corner and once again challenge the bar that The Office set.



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