Star Trek Into Darkness Review

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Who was waiting for someone to yell “Khan~!” the whole movie? I know I was.

I was never a Star Trek fan. In fact, I was always one of those people who argues Star Wars is better than Star Trek. However, my view was changed back in 2009 when J.J. Abrams first rebooted the franchise. It allows me to see what attracts all the Trekkies, and hooks me into the universe of Star Trek. While I still won’t call myself a Trekkie, but I’m on my way there. 4 years later, the sequel delivers another successful movie, and this time, I want to be a Trekkie.

The movie focuses on John Harrison, a superhuman who attacks the Starfleet essentials all over the place. After Harrison kills Admiral Pike, Kirk leads his Enterprise crew to the Klingon home world- Kronos to capture the fugitive. it was there that they learn John Harrison is actually a genetically-enchanted human that was frozen over 300 years ago. Now that he’s freed, and was used by Admiral Marcus, he wants to revenge and wipe out all humanity. And yes, John Harrison is just a cover-up name, and his real name Khan Noonien Singh. Yep.

Khan MEme

Can’t help myself

I think we’re all familiar with J.J. Abrams’ narration style by now. He likes to keep things mysterious, and gives us twists at the end. This movie is no different from his previous works. From John Harrison’s true identity, to the contains in the torpedo, everything in the movie is a fun journey to discover what’s really going on behind a grand scheme.

The actors are wonderful in the film. Benedict Cumberbatch does a good job portraying Khan. The whole time he gives out a creepy vibe, and it’s impossible to guess his true alliance. He’s such an interesting character, that even Spock looks small next to him.

Mentioning Spock, he is still one of the most interesting character in the entire movie. Zachary Quinto is a wonderful actor, and it’s fun to see trying to figure out human emotional as Spock. I really like this character, and how he uses his disadvantage to his own benefit. Seriously, watch the fight scene between him and Khan, and you will know what I mean.

Also, why does Khan like to kill people by squeezing their heads so much?

Most of the characters are pushed to the background in this movie. While they all each receive moments in the film, there existent in the film can be easily replaced by other characters. It’s a shame though, because I really like the friendship and group dynamics established in the first film. I was really hoping to see more of those in this movie.

And man! Abram really has to calm down with the lens flares. People have been mocking Abram about it since the first movie, but damn! It’s like Abram fuels on those negative remarks and evolves into a whole different species. The lens flares in this movie is just ridiculous, and there are moments where I have to look away so I don’t feel like being blinded by them.



Also, I feel like the final act is extra, and unnecessary. A small part of me was hoping the movie will end in a certain character’s death, and the next movie will be about The Next Generation. Guessed I don’t know Star Trek well enough. I will sit quietly by the side now.

The movie is fun, exciting and full of actions. There are flaws in the film, but they can be easily ignored because the movie is just so much fun. The characters are ones we can easily invest into, and when the movie ends, we want to see more of them. This movie gives me hope of possible squeals for the franchise, and what’s in store next.

I want to call myself a Trekkie now.



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