Game of Thrones “Second Sons” Review


Was that a good episode or what?

“Second Sons” is a great episode.  It a simple episode with clear A, B and C stories sandwich between another great story at the beginning, and the end of episode.  A straight forward episode with some of the best stories told; it quickly becomes one of my favorite episode for the season.

Again, I’m really bad with names in this show, so many times throughout the review I will refer to the characters by their nicknames or physical appearances.

The episode begins with Ayra and The Hound.  We see that Arya sneaks up on The Hound and tries to kill him, but decides not to when The Hound turns out to be awake the whole time.  While I understand Ayra’s anger to kill The Hound, I’m really glad she didn’t go through with it.  I would really view the character differently if she goes through with killing The Hound.

Let’s move the story forward to Gendry, Ayra’s future husband.  Melisandre brings Gendry to Stannis’ place where she treats him like a royal subject he should- he’s the previous king’s bastard son, after all.  Gendry gets a fancy fest, and fancy bed.  Heck, he even got laid, jut to receive the biggest blue balls in the world with leeches sucking out his blood.  What’s up with this show like to give characters blue balls?  Last week Theon, this week Gendry.  Not fair, man.  Not fair.

Anyway, it seems like Gendry will be gone soon.  They’re talking about sacrificing Gendry for Stannis to become the king, and I don’t see anyway for Gendry to get out of it.  Oh well, Ayra’s future husband is gone now.  That’s what he gets for being a horn dog.

Let’s talk about what happens across the Narrow Sea, with Danny and three mercenaries from something called the “Second Sons.”  Well, it’s classic Danny here where she negotiates with others with threats, but this time nothing work because there’s not dragon around.  Where are her dragons anyway?  The mercenaries are being disrespectful to Danny, and I’m really hoping the “emotionless” soldiers can kill them all.  Turns out, one of the (most handsome) mercenaries really likes Danny, and he decides to kill his impolite comrades just to please Danny.  Man, beauties can do wonders, can they?  I really thought she is going to have tough time fighting off those assholes, but things end easily with love and affection.  Way to go Danny, and you don’t even need to use your dragons.

Seriously though, where the hell are the dragons?

Let’s move to the biggest story this week: Tyrion and Sansa’s awkward wedding.  It beings with Sansa entering the chapel with maidens’ giggling on the side, and ends with Tyrion passing out on a small footrest.  It’s a sad, drunken journey.   Especially when Tyrion is too short to put the coat on Sansa’s shoulder, I almost cried at the moment.  I’m glad that at least Sansa bends down to make Tyrion’s job easier, otherwise it’s just depressing.

I was really scared for Tyrion when he makes the comment that Joffrey will be fucking his wife with a wooden dick.  I really though Joffrey is going to kill Tyrion right on the spot.   Later, when Tyrion and Sansa return to their room, it’s good to see that Tyrion has enough respect for himself to not do anything with Sansa.  Tyrion is a wonderful character, and he doesn’t deserve what’s been happening to him.  Also, I’m hoping Sansa can understand that Tyrion is really a good person.  She has been treated pretty badly in the last episodes, and it’s definitely a change for her to finally face someone who’s not trying to hurt her.  She can be an annoying character, but she deserves a break sometime as well.

The episode ends with Sam and Gilly.  While I really don’t care these two characters’ exchanges, they have one of the coolest moments in the entire show’s history.  A White Walker attempts to take the baby away from Gilly, and Sam stabs it at the back with a Dragonglass just to shatter the monster into pieces!  Awesome ending, and it’s really cool to see Sam being useful for once.  Way to go, man!

This episode takes us away from Jon Snow, Robb and even Jamie.  While it might be a disappointment without seeing those characters, it does allow us to be more focus  and more precise with our stories.   There are only two episodes left this season, and next episode is the 9th of the season.  Something BIG usually happens in the 9th episode, and let’s see what the show has stored for us next.



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