Mad Men “The Crash” Review

mad men the crash

Do we still care about Don in dark places?

This is once again, another trippy episode.  Everyone in this new company was given some “energy serum” while they’re working on the Chevy case.  While everyone reacts to the serum positively, it was Don who takes a whole different turn with the serum.  This is Don, and this episode is about his journey to dark places.

It’s creepy seeing how obsessed Don is with Sylvia.  He waits outside of her place, smokes and eavesdrops on her.  He doesn’t even care how obvious he is making himself, and he just wants the affair to be discovered or something.  It’s brave of Sylvia to yell at Don they way she does- it’s finally someone doesn’t go the way Don wants.  Of course, Don goes to a even darker place after this.  We will talk about it later.

One of the best moment is when Ken breaks out into dances.  How funny/cool is that?  I especially love that Don is actually amazed with the dance routine  and asks Kenneth how he learned to dance like that.  A little highlight of the episode.

Let’s move on to Stan.  During the time when the entire office is high, Peggy and Stan share a moment when Peggy is tending Stan’s wound.  It turns out that Stan is very bothered by his cousin getting killed in Vietnam, and he’s acting the way he is to mask the pain.  The two then share a kiss, but Peggy stops it because she just wants to be a helpful friend.  You can even tell that she’s actually liking the kiss, just to have everything goes to shit when she finds out that Stan ends up having sex with this girl named Wendy.  Who is she anyway?

And let’s talk about what happened in the Draper apartment.  A black lady breaks into the apartment, and tells Sally that she’s her grandmother!  I don’t know how the black lady thinks this is ever going to work, but the stupid kids pretty much bought it.  Well, at least Sally knows better and decides to call for cops.  I was so scared though, when the black lady comes back and finds out Sally is on the phone with the police.  I really thought that this episode is going take a really dark turn, and the kids will be… you got the idea.  Thank god none of those happened.

Okay, I’m ready to go back to Don now.  Once again, we get to see what kind of screw-up childhood Don had.  Growing up in a whorehouse, Don was very sick as a kid, and he was nursed back to health by a prostitute and takes his virginity.  Shit man, that’s some deep level fuck up, mother issue kind of crap going on here.  No wonder Don turns out the way he is now.  Well, at least it’s good to see that Don somehow tie up all his issues to he not wanting to deal with another car client- “Every time we get a car, this place turns into a whore house.”

The thing is though, do we still care about Don’s dark journeys?  I know everyone says differently last season when Don is happily married to Megan, but quite frankly, I’ve seen enough of Don being, mind I say, a little bitch.  I no longer find it interesting for Don to be in dark places, and it’s getting redundant.  If this season is the final one, then maybe I can be okay with Don’s cry baby-ness.  However, we’re supposed to get another season next year, and I don’t know if I care to see Don going down anymore shit hole for a whole different season.

Well, at least it’s nice of Don to call Sally just to let her know things are okay, and not her fault.  It’s one of the rare moment, and it makes me feel that maybe there’s hope in Don after all.  Things get even better when Don shares an elevator with Sylvia, and doesn’t act on it at all.  Yep, maybe there really is hope.



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