Comic Reviews 5-22-2013

This week: Green Lantern issue 20, Justice League issue 20, and The Superior Spider-Man issue 10.

Another week of wonder comics, and I’m still trying to get used to the new layout myself.

First off, cover of the week:

batman Inc 11


So Batman Inc side-tracks and introduces us the Batman from Japan.  I really like this series, but damn!  Who designed this costume?  It screams cheap knock-off all over the place.  It’s the cover of the week, because it really shows how bad the character design is.

Alright, enough bitching around.  Onward with the reviews!


photo 1 (7)Green Lantern issue 20.  How can I not talk about this issue?  It’s Geoff Johns’s final issue on Green Lantern after writing for 20 years.  The ideas John adds to the entire Green Lantern mythology is important, and you can read it all at newsarama.

The final issue is about 70 pages big, and it ends with a bang!  It takes all different color of Lanterns to defeat The First Lantern, and it’s still not enough.  It also requires Sinestro  to be processed by Parallax.  When thing still doesn’t look up, A Black Lantern Hal Jordan comes in handy as he can summon Nekron to the rescue.  Nekron finally does the trick, and Hal is restored as Green Lantern with, hoping I was reading this right, The First Lantern’s ring?  Whoa, does that mean Hal is going to be the strongest Green Lantern of them all?

I think the battle scenes are a little rushed.  But it’s understandable because there really isn’t a lot of time to dwell on battles.  The fate of the guardians are kind of sad, and I don’t know if they really deserved it all.  Well, it turns out that Sinestro is the true hero of the entire franchise.  Not only he admits to being Hal Jordan’s friend after all these years, and he also spares Ganthet and Sayd’s life and unite them.  That really is one of the cutest moment ever in the entire Green Lantern history, and good job Geoff Johns!

I also really like the narration of this issue.  We jumps ahead into the future, with a new Green Lantern recruit asking the Book Keeper about the history of Green Lantern.  The book keeper than reveals to the new recruit what’s coming to all of our favorite Lanterns.  It’s a happy ending to our heroes, and can’t wait for the future where Jordan and Ferris get married, and have kids, grand kids…etc.

A big thing that troubles me is Simon Baz’s story.  Apparently he’s going to be the teacher of a upcoming first Earth female Green Lantern named Jessica Cruz.  While it’s cool to hear that there will be a new Green Lantern, how she comes to be is intriguing.  It’s said that she came to possession of her ring in the wake of the Justice League’s death.  What does that mean?  The Justice League is not here to stay?

Also, the Book Keeper states that Sinestro has been missing ever since.  However, with the way the story narrates, I have a feeling that the Book keeper is actually Sinestro himself.  Who else feels that way?

A wonderful conclusion to Geoff John’s run on the Green Lantern franchise.  The next issues will be a brand new beginning,and things are not going to be the same.  It’s not fair to assume that it’s going to be down hill from now, and we’re best to keep an open mind about the things to come.

Thank you, Geoff Johns, for giving us a wonderful world of Green Lantern, and all those magnificent stories you told.


Justice League 20

Justice League 20.  We focus even more on the new recruits this issue, and let me tell you, it was really cool.  Element Woman is soon becoming one of my favorite character in the entire DC Universe, but this issue kind of makes her lame.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I really like the beginning of the issue when we see her buying lunch for every members, and we get to learn more about her.  I don’t like, however, her lack of combat abilities, and she was defeated easily by Despero.  Well, I guess it wasn’t really fair since it is Despero after all.

It turns out that the new Atom- Rhonda Pineda is the traitor working for Justice League of America.  Heck, she’s even an official member of Justice League of America, recruited specifically to face-off Element Woman.  However, it’s a good thing to see that she’s feeling bad about what she’s been doing. Hoping to see her cute all ties with JLA, and joins JL for good.

Also, Rhonda Pineda has the same initial as Ray Palmer, the original Atom before the New 52.  Anyone else noticed that?

Martian Manhunter is really cool in this issue.  He comes out, rescues the Justice Leaguers, and leaves.  This brings up a question though, did Martian Manhunter comes because Rhonda works for JLA, or did he come because his name was called?  If Martian Manhunter comes in behave of JLA, then why is Rhonda so afraid of Manhunter reading her mind?  Or, if Manhunter doesn’t come in behave of JLA, then why is Rhonda arguing about Manhunter to Trevor and Waller?  I just don’t understand.

It turns out that while Ronda is the secret spy, she has nothing to do with the person breaking into the Batcave and steals the Kryptonite.  Who can it be then?  Also, the cast Batman gives Superman- I wonder what’s in it?

The Shazam backup is okay this week.  However, it’s said that next issue will be the conclusion to the story.  I don’t see how that’s the case, but I can’t wait to see it next month.


superior spider man 10

The Superior Spider-Man issue 10.  The first issue after the complete death of Peter Parker, and we’re already seeing differences.  While Doc Ock still wants to be the best hero there ever was, he’s beginning to live life his own way.  He ignores MJ, and only does thing that he deems important.  He spends more time with family, while studies hard for his doctor degree.  In some ways, he’s actually using this Peter Parker body better than Parker himself.  In some ways.

Well, things always have their ups and downs.  While Doc Ock sets some priorities in Peter’s life, he also gives up some.  He is cutting ties with Peter’s old friends, especially MJ.  The way he treats MJ is so obviously different, there’s no way she’s not going to notice.  In fact, there are already many people noticing the differences, and doing something about it.

Also, I like Anna and “Peter Parker.”  I think they’re pretty cute together, and I just hope Doc Ock doesn’t break her heart.  I can already see that’s going to be the case, and I’m already sad about it.

At the end, we see Green Goblin forming a new army.  Well, how are you going to fight them now, Doc Ock?  Oh, and he really needs to come up with a better way to patrol.  His Spy-Bot thingy was easily compromised this issue, and that almost caused MJ’s death.

Looking forward to see what’s coming next for The Superior Spider-Man.



This week is also the first issue of The Green Team: Teen Trilllionaires.  The story is pretty good so far, and I might check out more issues to make a decision.  The Flash is pretty good this week as well, and we are going to have the very first meeting between The Flash and Kid Flash next issue.  Hopefully we get a better insight on what Kid Flash’s true natural is in the New 52.

My theory?  Maybe Reverse Flash and Kid Flash are the same person.  They are both from the future, and Kid Flash will eventually grow up to the Reverse Flash.  It’s just one of my crazy theories.  What do you think?



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