The Hangover Part III Review

hangover 3

The Wolfpack is back for a final (?) adventure. 

It’s been 4 years since the first Hangover movie, and it’s a long journey all right.  I still remember when they released the first sequel no one asked for two years ago, and it was awful.  I was afraid what this movie will be, and well…. let’s just say that it wasn’t as bad as the previous one.  It turns out, while The Hangover Part III is flawed, it’s a proper goodbye (?) to the beloved franchise.

I just don’t believe they will really end the franchise that easily.  Prepare for those straight to DVD (Blu-ray) releases.

The movie begins with Chow (Ken Jeong) escaping Bangkok prison Shawshank-style, and it sets in motion of things to come.  The movie then moves to the very funny scene we seen in the trailer with Alan (Zach Galifanakis) just bought a giraffe and kills it on the freeway  The stress kills Alan’s father (Jeffrey Tambor- Arrested Development FTW), but Alan is not showing emotion at all during the funeral.  The rest of the Wolfpack- Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Doug (Justin Bartha) think it might be better if they put Alan in rehab, hoping to make him better and normal.

Of course, things are not going to be that easily.  On the way to the rehab in Arizona, the gang was ambushed by Marshall (John Goodman) and his gang.  It turns out, Marshall is the same Marshall that Black Doug mentioned in the first movie.  Ever since the mistake, Chow has been on Marshall’s tail, and steals 21 million in gold from him.  Marshall, somehow thinks the Wolfpack is responsible, wants them to bring Chow back to him, or Doug is going to die.

Poor Doug, I really thought he’s going to part of the adventure for the first time.

This guy, never get to have the fun

Anyway, the rest of the movie is pretty straightforward.  The Wolfpack faces difficulties when trying to bring Chow back, and there are funny moments, and there are sad moments as well.  At the end, we learn valuable lessons on friendship and loyalty.  Don’t you just love a move with morals?

Usually, I like it when sequels deal with small details we didn’t notice from the first movie, and make a story out of it.  SAW franchise did a pretty good job with it in the first few sequels.  However, I feel like the plot of this movie is a stretch.  A silly little connection that’s hardly justified as the motive for an entire movie.  If it wasn’t for the recognized characters, and occasional funny moments, the movie really isn’t that great.

The highlights of the entire movie are Galifanakis and Jeong’s performances.  Chow is such a dark, and chaotic character, and he can only be matched by the equally dark and chaotic Alan.  The characters are so much fun, they really marginalized Cooper and Helms.  These two characters don’t have as much roles as the previous movies, and it is really sad.

Most of the scenes in the movie are funny at the moment, but forgotten soon after.  My favorite moment has to be when Chow and Stu broken into a house to disarm the alarm, but it turns out that Chow is color blind, and can’t tell Stu exactly which wire to cut.  He’s also dyslexic and can’t tell left from right, either.  The whole scene is hilarious, and perhaps the funniest scene in the whole movie.

Well, I’m glad Alan finds love.  During the adventure, the gang encounters Cassie (Melissa McCarthy), a girl who works in the pawn shop.  She’s exactly like Alan- rude, separate from reality, and chaotic.  The two are perfect for each other, and McCarthy is as brilliant as always.  Too bad she doesn’t have more screen time or maybe the movie could be better.

Trust me, I'm funny

Trust me, I’m funny

The movie ends with Alan getting married to Cassie, and we get to have a farewell moment to all the Wolfpack members.  We see how they first walk off to their adventure, and we see them walki off to the next step of their life.  Alan is a changed man now, and there’s not going to be another bizarre adventure anymore.  Goodbye, Wolfpack.





The gang wakes up after being drugged, confused and don’t know where they are.  Again.  This time Cassie is with them, and Doug is once again no where to be found.  Stu always has the worst physical alternation, and this time, he got boobs.  A monkey jumps out of no where, and Chow shows them his junk.  Things are not going to change for the Wolfpack, but I’m glad the franchise comes to an end.

Please don’t give us those straight to DVD sequels.  Please.



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