Mad Men “The Better Half” Review


Betty is back!  Sexy as ever!

How much time has past since we last seen Betty?  She somehow manages to lose all the weight, and finds her confidence back.  However, her returning to her old, sexy self only means a Don who cannot control himself.

I like the first scene we see Betty in this episode.  I really thought it was a flashback seeing Betty thin again, and hit on by strangers.  Then she reveals she has three kids already.  It’s a fun little twist the episode gives us, and welcome back Betty!

Don and Betty hooked up at the summer camp where Bobby went to.  They are caught up in the moment, and Don can’t resist falling back for the old Betty.  I mean, can you blame him?  The two did have a history together, and it’s hard to turn away from what you’re familiar with.  However, it is clear that this is not going to become anything more.  Even though Don wants it.

Don really wants to start a new relationship, but Betty knows better by now.  Betty states that Don only likes the beginning of things, and it’s true.  All the woman Don been with can tell us that Don might be really into the relationship at first, but as time passes, Don usually grows tired at it.  It’s a sad moment for Don when he sees Betty having breakfast with Henry, and pulls back to reality.  Well, at least he learns a lesson when he returns home and realizes he has to be a better husband for Megan.

It sooooo Don to learn to be a better husband for his current wife by cheating on her with his ex-wife…

By the way, that scene where Don, Betty and Bobby share a perfect family moment?  That’s one of the cutest thing I’ve seen in the entire series.  Ever.


I really like the story between Joan and Bob Benson.  The two of them are going to the beach, and they seem really happy together.  When did this happen?  I remember last time we saw the two of them, Joan is having doubts with Benson, and now they’re going to the beach together.  Go for it, Joan!  I’m glad she’s with someone good right now, cause she has lousy luck with guys anyway.  Roger is not always the most trust worthy guy, and Greg really is a scumbag.

Also, Benson better not turns out to be a liar or something.  I really like him, and that would really suck.


Mentioning Roger, it’s kind of sad what happened to him as well.  He gets a chance to hang out with his grandson, but ruins everything by bring him to watch Planet of the Apes.  I don’t know why the little kid thinks it’s scary, but it is not suitable for small children.  Anyway, Roger’s daughter is furious, and she forbids Roger to hang out with the grandson anymore.  A disgruntle Roger decides to give his secret son a gift, just to get rejected by Joan.  I guess it’s kind of inappropriate for Roger to drop by unannounced, but sadly, that’s really what he need at the moment to make him feel better, so I understand.

It’s really depressed that Joan would rather let the baby thinks Greg is his real father, instead of Roger.  Greg is a real scumbag and he rapes Joan!  She would rather the kid have a false idea that his family is a war hero, instead of an unreliable man who’s never around.

I think the biggest story, another than Don and Betty hooking up, it’s Peggy’s story with Abe.  Abe’s been having trouble with the neighborhood they’re living in, but he’s to prideful to admit it to Peggy.  Peggy couldn’t live at their apartment anymore, and the neighborhood is really going down.  One night, while people are screaming right outside the window, Peggy grabs a weapon to check it out.  She then accidentally stabs Abe in the gut when he calls her from behind.  It was a terrifying moment, and I was really scared that he’s going to die at the moment.  Well, I’m glad Abe breaks up with Peggy then.  All the stabbing aside, Peggy and Abe is not a good match anyway.  They have different beliefs, and she’s not happy with him.  It’s better this way before things get too serious.  They do have an apartment already though…

Another sad moment is when Ted walks away from Peggy at the end of the episode.  It’s a confusing moment considering Ted told Peggy that he’s in love with her earlier in the episode, and walks away from her when she needs him the most.  Peggy is just standing there, doesn’t know what to do.

It’s good to see the old Betty back.



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