Comic Reviews 5-29-2013

This is the 5th Wednesday of the month, and what that means is that DC doesn’t have a lot of new issues this week, and we all know most of the comics I review are from DC.

Anyway, cover/first review of the week:

Earth 2 annul 1

Earth 2 annual 1.  The reason I pick this as the cover of the week is because the shocking appearance of new Earth 2 Batman.  We already know that Bruce Wayne, along with Super Man and Wonder Woman are already dead in Earth 2’s reality, so who the hell is this new Batman?  A great cover to open this week’s review.

Anyway, the issue is great focusing on Al Pratt (Atom)’s origin.  Not only we learn the origin of the character’s power, we also understand the character itself better.  I would like to say I’m starting to like this version of Atom better and better now.

However, all the stories on Al Pratt totally mask what the cover leads us to believe.  The new Batman doesn’t really have a lot to say in this issue, and we haven’t learn anything from him.  Well, let the guessing continues: Who is this new Batman?

Oh, and it’s “cool” to see Icicle making an appearance in the new continuity.  When is the last time we see Icicle?

We also get a glimpse of Mr. Miracle and Big Barda in this issue.  The two are in the destroyed Gotham City and looking for info on the new Batman.  While they can’t find Batman, Fury finds them.  An exciting ending that has me begging for more.

The biggest problem I have with Earth 2 is that there are too many stories to tell, but too little pages.  Too many characters diving up the limited time we have, and we don’t get enough character developments.  I would really like to see some of the Earth 2 characters get their own solo series, or even have Earth 2 being bi-weekly series or something.  Seriously, it will be a great thing to do, and allows better character developments.


Justice League of America 4

Justice League of America issue 4.  I’m going to be bold about this: I don’t like this issue’s artist.  I’m not a big fan of Brett Booth’s work, and I think Teen Titans is one of the worst series in New 52.  I’m trying my best not to let it bothers my reading experience, but it’s proving difficult.

The issue features a lot of old mythos from the original DC Universe.  We get to see Dr. Light again, and that was bizarre.  My favorite comic is Identity Crisis, and it’s hard to think Dr. Light as a good guy after that comic.  Shaggy Man also makes an appearance in this issue as well.  I don’t know much about this character, but he’s an old face from old DC Universe as well.  The most shocking addition to the world of New 52 has to be the Invisible Jet.  I can’t believe they’re bring back the concept, but I’m glad that at least it’s not Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet again, cause that wouldn’t make sense at all.

The ending of this issue will have everyone talking for months.  Catwoman is shot in the head, and apparently dead.

Catwoman-dead-JLA-4-final-pageNow the problem is, is she really dead?  Catwoman’s own ongoing series is till around, but I can see her death being the murder that triggers the Trinity War- Batman is sure going to get involve with this.

To be honest, I’m pretty sure Catwoman is dead and her death is the “murder” mentioned in Trinity War event’s solicitations.  However, I’m sure she’s not going to stay dead for long, not to mention her own solo series is still going around, also because Amanda Waller been bringing dead characters back to live for a while now.  So yeah, Catwoman is not going to stay dead long.


x-men 1

X-Men issue 1.  Finally!  The all female X-Men team is out after a month of delay, and the wait is worth it.  Jubilee is back, and she’s pretty cool.  I was never a big Jubilee fan, and I always mock her firework power.  Now she’s a vampire, the joke are supposed to continue, but I can’t.  There’s no way I can make fun of a girl who’s just searching for a place to belong, and protecting a  baby- even though the baby might turn out to be evil.

By the way, is Jubilee still a vampire?  Can we just have her old power back somehow?  I believe a great writer can turn the shittest power into something cool.

The choices Wood makes for this team is perfect.  Not only does he put some of the most important X-Men members in this team, he also brings focuses on some we don’t see as often anymore (including Jubilee).  Anyway, I always wonder Rogue’s status as a teacher in Jean Grey School, because I never get to see her in Wolverine and the X-Men.  The choices are perfect, and the chemistry is splendid.  This series is soon becoming one of my favorites.

The first issue also introduces us to the main threat already of the series- Sublime.  A great comic always has a strong focus on the villain, and this one got it.  A great start for a promising series.

Also, how cute is the baby?  And I really like Coipel’s art when the female X-Men are surrounding the baby.  There’s something about women and babies that I really like, and Coipel really captures the likeliness in the panels.

There’s really isn’t a lot to complain here, and I’m already looking forward to the next issue.



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