The Venture Bros. “What Color Is Your Cleansuit?” Review


Venture Bros is back after almost 3 years, and the wait is worth it!

The season begins only hours after season 4’s finale “Operation P.R.O.M.” and even though we have the help of 8 minutes series recap, I still can’t remember what happened.  The opening sequences kind of wrap up everything left behind from season 4, and we get to see an angry Dean, Number 21 defecting to S.P.H.I.N.X. and most importantly, the whereabouts of Molotov Cocktease.  It turns out she’s not really dead yay!  The only thing I remember is the missing Molotov from last season, and everything else is a big blur.

The season soon begins and presents us the problem:  Rusty’s little brother JJ wants him to design a fully-function ray shield in 3 months, and trying to seem like a big shot, Rusty agrees to the impossible task and hires a bunch of interns to do the dirty work.  Of course, things turn to shit soon after as the ray shield’s radiation begins to mutate the interns.  Meanwhile, Billy Quizboy has a new and creepy arch-nemesis called Augustus St. Cloud, and Monarch still believes that 21 will return to him one day. Three great plots to build a perfect episode.

The story of the interns is just too awesome!  Rusty treats the interns differently by colors is just a subtle way to touch upon the subject of racism.  And it’s really hilarious when the interns begins to mutate, they treat each others accordingly to how Rusty treats them.  It’s a great thing to have Hank and Dermott opening a shop within the compound, and they didn’t get what the “brown” students are talking about when they said they want to eat “Student Green.”  It’s especially wonderful when Sgt. Hatred screams ” ‘Student Green’ is people!”  Good job figuring that out, man!

By the way, is Sgt. Hatred’s man boobs (or actual breasts) ever going to go away?

Also, did you noticed that the leader of the interns is named Martin?  Since interns’ color system is a racial thing, can they named the character this way on purpose?  Maybe I’m just thinking too much.  By the way, Martin is voiced by Aziz Ansari, and he’s is perfect for the role.

I’m glad to see that Billy Quizboy gets some stories this episode.  One thing I really like about the series is the interesting, and bizarre characters, and Billy is one of them.  Giving him an arch-nemesis is only going to make him more interesting, and one like Augustus St. Cloud definitely helps.  My favorite scene is when St. Cloud joins the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and he skips all the rules because he has money.  I mean, you can see the joke from miles away, but when it actually happens it’s still funny.  Man, I hope all villains are like the ones in the guild.  That would be awesome.

A side note, I can’t believe Rusty sold H.E.L.P.eR. to St. Cloud.  What’s he thinking?


Monarch’s story with #21 is more like a comic relief than actually story.  The highlight from Monarch has to be the failed Game of Thrones sex game he wants to play with Dr. Girlfriend (or Dr. Mrs. The Monarch?).  How funny this happens on a night where one of the biggest Game of Thrones event happened?  Man, I still can’t get myself to write that review.

Come to papa

Come to papa

Anyway, I really like #21, and I like where his character is at now.  Hopefully we get to see more of this awesome #21 in the future.

The character that changes the most is Dean, and I really like it.  For the longest time, the title characters Hank and Dean have been pretty boring, and if anything, greatly marginalized.  While Hank still has his story with Dermott and his screw-up family, Dean doesn’t have any stories at all.  This is why it’s a plus to see Dean becoming such an angry teen, and it totally fits him.  He’s always wronged, and  the girl he loves doesn’t love him.  It’s only a matter of time before he becomes either an angry teen, or a psychotic teen.  I want to see more of this Dean in the future, and I hope they have great stories in store for him.

A minor note: This episode has Brock and the rest of S.P.H.I.N.X. leaving the compound, and #21 dealing with what’s left on the compound himself.  I hope it doesn’t mean Brock will be a minor character this season, or worse, not making an appearance at all.  I really love the character.

It’s a great season premiere, and it feels like the show never left us at all.  It’s a great start for a brand new season, and the story is as fun as ever.



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