Game of Thrones “The Rains of Castamere” Review


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I think I’m finally ready to review “The Rains of Castamere.”  I’ve been purposely holding back this review, because I just don’t feel like dealing with it so soon and I need more time to process.  Now that enough time has passed, and I don’t want to pile up my works anymore, I think it’s time for us to revisit the tragedy.

I don’t read the book, but I’ve already read up on notes on A Storm of Swords, and know that Red Wedding is going to happen this season.  However, knowing something is going to happen is way different than actually seeing it.  I didn’t expect the scene going to be that brutal.  In the novel, Robb’s wife didn’t come to the wedding with him, so a very naive part of me thought that Talisa might be spared.  Turns out, she has the worst death with her stomach stabbed multiple times, killing her unborn child with her.

The set up to the Red Wedding is perfect, and even though I already know what’s coming, I was still throw off for moments.  The wedding begins with Edmure Tully realizes that his wife is actually beautiful, and Walder Frey gives Robb a “you hope you can bed this, huh?” look.  The scene is joyful, and we are happy for the wedding for a moment.  We than have a tender sweet moment where Talisa shares her intention of naming the child “Ned” after Robb’s deceased father.  All these are just small detail to throw us off from what’s about to come.  Things then go down hill quickly when Cat notices that the band is playing the famously gloomy “The Rain of Castamere,” and the guards are closing the door of the dinning hall.  It was awesome when she notices Roose is wearing armor beneath her cloth, and she knows the what the deal is right away- but it’s too late already.  Talisa is killed, the arrows flying all over place and everyone is dead.  Cat is the real hero here, trying to save his son by holding Walder Frey’s wife hostage.  But It turns out to be pointless, cause Frey doesn’t even care about his wife’s death.  Robb is killed, and Cat cuts the wife’s throat in agony before her own throat is cut as well.


This happens differently than how I expected and I’m still shaking just thinking about it.  The scene is really emotional, and HBO does a good job translating it into media with unexpected twists.

By the way, Walder Frey is becoming one of the most evil character in the entire series, and this is a show with Joffrey running around.  I never know a man can be so bitter that his daughter is not getting married to the right man….

You're a bad man, Mr. Filch!

You’re a bad man, Mr. Filch!

That’s not forget the stories outside of the Red Wedding.  For the first time in ages, Arya comes so close to her family, and she’s smart enough to notice what’s going on inside the castle.  It’s heartbreaking seeing her so close to her family, but they’re all dead already.  I’m glad that The Hound knocks her out before she actually runs into the castle.  There’s no way she can make it out of the castle alive.

I actually over looked that Grey Wind was killed when I was reading the notes.  I actually thought that Arya is going to safe the wolf, and run away with it or something.  Again, I’m a very naive man.

While Ayra is very close to her families, Bran is very close to a family member as well.  While Bran’s very motley-looking crew is hiding, Jon Snow and the Wildlings are fighting outside.  With the shocking event at Red Wedding, it’s easy to forgot just how powerful this scene really is.  When Jon is fighting the Wildlings, Bran manages to possess Summer the wolf, and kills some Wildlings along with it.  Even though Bran and Jon Snow never see each other face-to-face, but it’s good that at least Bran knows that Jon is safe somewhere.

It’s really screw-up that Jon just left Ygritte by herself, and flees the scene.  She’s only in trouble because she’s in love with Jon, and she wants to help him.  But man, he didn’t even look back as he gallops away.  Poor Ygritte, I hope she didn’t die because of him.

Oh, and that moment when Bran posses Hodor is crazy.  I really thought he killed him, but then I know better.  I mean, what do I know, I’m just a naive man, remember?

Be strong, my friend

Be strong, my friend

I usually don’t like Bran’s stories, but this week’s is really good.

And it’s at this point, I realized that I almost forgot we got some Danny stories this week as well, and it’s a good story too.  Danny is sending Jorah, Daario and Grey Worm to take down Yunkai.  The three of them have to have dozens of soldiers, and believe me, it’s a bone-chilling moment that I thought someone is going to bite it.  At the end, when the three return to Danny with the good new, it seems like all Danny cares about is the safety of Daario, and we can see a glimpse of jealousy on Jorah’s face.  It really doesn’t seem like a good idea that Danny cannot hide her emotions better.  Many great leader loses battles because they can’t hide their emotions, and Jorah is someone that Danny doesn’t want to lose.

“The Rains of Castamere” delivers one of the strongest episode ever, and it’s a perfect 9th episode of the season.  It doesn’t matter if you read the book before or not, you’re guarantee to receive the full impact and the shock this episode delivers.  Only one episode left in the season,  and I can’t wait to see the aftermath of the tragedy.



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