Mad Men “A Tale of Two Cities” Review


Don tripping in LA, Joan dissing Pete, and the company finally got a name.  What more can you ask for? 

Every time Don travels to California, something big happens.  This time he actually died.  California is a special place for Don, and it’s impossible for him to have a trip out there without getting high.  But Anna is no longer there, so there’s no one to prevent him from harming himself.  Yeah, a drug-filled trip in California is proven too much for Don without Anna protecting him.  Those east-side boys can’t handle our west-side shit!

All jokes aside though, Don was tripping out pretty bad.  While making out with the actress, Don hallucinates Megan pregnant and keeps on telling him that they can have a second chance.  It seems like Don is feeling guilty for cheating on his wife, and he wants to make things better with Megan.

It can also be proven from an earlier scene where Megan and Don sharing a phone call.  While the phone call is can be kind of awkward, their worries for each others are sincere.  You can totally feel the love there.

Don’s hallucination then spirals out of out control, and Dinkins is involved in it.  It’s a chilling moment to see him, and especially when he tells Don that  “Dying doesn’t make you whole. You should see what you look like.”  This is when he realized that he is drowning in the pool already, most likely since when the actress tells him to drink the pool full of water.  The death is a scary moment, but what does it mean?  We all know that Mad Men is full of symbolism, so I want to say that without Anna and Dinkins, Dick Whitman is completely dead as of this moment, and Don is reborn as a brand new man.  Or maybe he’s just really careless.


Oh, and after Don’s supposed death, and the hallucination of Dinkins?  I actually got scared and thought that Megan might be dead or something.  Considering that the last conversation Don and Megan have is about the riot, I thought she might be killed by the mob or something.

I’m afraid that Joan might not able to keep her job for long now, after the stunt she pulled.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m all for Joan wanting to better herself, but this is not the way to do it.  It’s not fair to Pete, and quite frankly, she’s just taking too big a leap that I don’t think she’s ready for  just yet.  It’s interesting though, because Joan used to be the person who accepts things for the way they are, and now she’s wanting more.  While being lectured by Peggy, she even accuses Peggy for sleeping with Don to get where she is right now.  What’s going on, Joan?  Why are you pushing for things too advance for your career?  No one, not even Peggy thinks Joan handle the account well.  Joan better hope the client call her soon, or she’s really in danger of losing her job.

And man, why is it so hard to root for Pete?  While everyone is definitely on Pete’s side, he has to go ahead and say stupid thing like  “I bet you’re making them very happy!” A cheap shot on her sleeping with the Jaguar client.  By the way, I have a bad feeling for Pete’s fate this season.  It seems like he’s taking in a lot of shit, and I don’t think he can take it anymore.  This season Trudy leaves him, his mother is dumped on him by his brother, he loses clients and his name on the company name.  I think it’s only a matter of time before Pete explodes.  I just hope when he does, he doesn’t pick up that rifle of his….

Anyway, let’s move on to a lighter topic: the new company finally got a name!  After all the debates and arguments, the partners decide to call the company Sterling Cooper & Partners.  A easier name for clients to write, and remember, and I really love it.  The journey to the name was long, and difficult, and Jim was so mad at the issue earlier in the episode, he even re-direct his anger to Ginsberg.  Ginsberg totally losing it with Jim, he even yelled at him saying that he hates blacks and Jews.

However, what stands out is when Jim yells at Bob “Why are you always down here!? Go back upstairs!”  Seriously though, why is Bob always down here?  I really hope he’s not a bad person, and everything he does is out of the goodness of his heart.  He has more and more roles in the show now, and he just recently got his own client to take care of.  I’m pretty sure we’re going to find out what his deal really is by the end of the season.

A pretty good episode this week,and it seems like most characters’ directions for the remaining season is set.  Only three episodes left, and can’t wait to see what’s next.



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