Comic Reviews 6-05-2013

All-New X-Men issue 12, Green Lantern issue 21, and One Piece chapter 710.

Finally, after two weeks of absent, One Piece makes a full return and stronger than ever.  It’s good too see that Eiichiro Oda Sensei is feeling better, and thank you for giving us our cover of the week:


The Straw Hat Pirates in classic Kung Fu movie outfits.  Oda never ceases to surprise me what spread cover he has in store next.  Everyone shows their characteristic in this spread, and the dragon across the page is just totally outstanding.

Did you spot the cute panda hiding at the corner?

It probably will make more sense if Chopper can be at the center, he being in his Kung-Fu Point and all.

Onward with the reviews–

photo 1 (9)

All-New X-Men issue 12.  First off, this is a good issue.  We explore the relationships of the Summer brothers, and we see Jean Grey freaks out over what Scarlet Witch had done back in House of M storyline.  This is all great and all, but I can’t help it but feels that this is just a filler issue.

Last issue, it ends dramatically with the Uncanny Avengers stopping our heroes.  It turns out that Captain American just want to make sure that our time travel X-Men didn’t rob a bank.  Oh, for crying out loud!  Anyone with half a brain can guess that those kids didn’t do it.  To me, this is just the writer’s way of anti-climatic story telling- did Robert Kirkman write this issue?  Anyway, at least this brings us a really nice moment between Cyclops and Havok.

Jean Grey freaking out over Scarlet is fun, and the art is especially perfect during those panels.  However, it’s an unnecessary distraction, and it just further confirm that Jean Grey is really, really annoying.  Can’t believe there’s a day where Jean Grey becomes of my least favorite X-Men.  What a day.

Anyway, the story is filler, and it’s really sad to see them wasted away a whole issue like this.  Well, at least we are confirmed that Mystique is the main threat of the series, and we’re intrigue with what she’s planning.



photo 2 (8)

Green Lantern issue 21.  A brand new beginning, and a brand new status quo.  Hal Jordan gets promoted to the leader of the corps, and he already made the first decision of recurring new Lanterns.  It’s strange seeing Jordan as a leader, since he’s so arrogant, but it’s definitely something he deserved after years of experience.

The part I don’t like the most is the argument between Hal and Carol.  We already seen the future, and we all know that these two are going to be together.  I know it’s more fun seeing couples in drama than lovey dovey, but it’s pretty dumb to throw this at us RIGHT after we seen them happily together in the previous issue.

I like how this issue opens in the future, and it lets us see just how bad the situations will be.  The new recruits are awesome, but I just can’t believe all those rings flying out, but only 4, or 5 people show up.  The new Green Lanterns team look interesting, and it’s a pretty decent follow-up form Geoff Johns’ works.



One Piece chapter 710 “To Green Bit”.  This is the One Piece chapter I’ve been looking for, we finally get to see what others are doing and away from the Colosseum.  Or maybe I’m just too sick and tired of the Colosseum story.

Anyway, it seems like Bellamy really changed.  Not only he’s thanking Luffy for cheering him up, he’s also complimenting Luffy’s Haki.  Man, I think I’m starting to like this character a little more now, and he used to be my least favorite in the entire series.

The remaining chapter focuses on Law’s group, and how they fend off the Fighting Fishes.  The fightings are impressed, and man, Caesar Clown can fight!  He opens his mouth and released some deadly beam!  It’s also really funny how the group uses him as a balloon and flies across the bridge instead.

I don’t think I mention this before, but I think Usopp is the true hero of the two-year time skip.  He can’t even hold his own ground back in the days, and now, he’s becoming an important asset of the crew.  Good job, Usopp, you’re closer and closer to your goal as a true sea warrior.

Oh, and when can we see stories from Nami’s side?

Even though it”s supposed to be shocking that there’re Dwarves on the island, but it’s really isn’t for me.  I already guessed that the “fairy” legend on the island is actually just these “Dwarves.”  But honestly though, I don’t think “Dwarves” is a proper translation for this race, because when I think of Dwarves, I think of:


But from what we seen in the story so far, I think they’re more like:


Tiny People.

I hope Viz Manga somehow change this, otherwise the story doesn’t really make sense anymore.  However, I might just really be wrong, and these ‘Tiny People” turn out actually are as big as Dwarves.

Once again, congrats one the recovery, Oda Sensei.  You’re the best.




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