Game of Thrones “Mhysa” Review


I guess they can’t really top last week’s episode. 

I don’t know what I was thinking expecting this week’s episode to top last week’s, that’s wrong of me.  “Mhysa” is a great episode, and it sets the tone of what’s coming for next year.

The episode begins with what we left out of last week.  Frey’s people are still killing Stark soldiers, and Arya wakes up just in time to see Grey Wind’s head sewed to her brother’s body… Oh man, can they leave the poor girl along?

I was really hoping they wouldn’t do it in the series… the image….

Good luck sleeping tonight

Good luck sleeping tonight

Arya is going through some dark stuff.  The scene where she kills the Frey’s man is awesome and all, but I can’t help it but worry of her future.  Seeing her father beheaded, betrayed by the bandits, and having her brother’s corpse sewed to a direwolf, it can really mess a person up.  I don’t know if The Hound is the best person next to Arya when she’s going to dark places.  It seems like if anything, he’s only going to make things worse.  Watch, Arya is  going to be a killer now under The Hound’s training.



So Roose is the new Warden of the North now.  If anything, Roose is the most suitable for the role, as he had been given advice to Robb already, but Robb just wouldn’t listen.  Also, it’s great that we finally learn” Simon from Misfit”‘s name and who he is in this episode.  It turns out that he is Roose’s bastard son- Ramsay Snow.  Once again, Theon has the most uncomfortable scene is the episode, and the whole “dick in the box” thing got taken to a whole different level.  I’m kind of surprise that upon receiving Theon’s dick (that sounds so wrong), Yara is loyal enough to want to rescue her brother, unlike their father.  I never know that Yara is that loyal to her brother, and I’m glad to see Theon’s misery MIGHT come to an end.


A great moment this episode is Bran’s story of the scared law of Guest Rights.  It’s essentially an unwritten law that if people are wined and dined under the roof of a castle, they’re guaranteed the safety from the owner of the castle.  Yep, this just show how much a scumbag Walder Frey really is.  Anyway, doesn’t it seem like a strange moment for Bran to tell this story?  I know this is writers’ way to tell us what Frey done is really, really frown upon in the world.  However, I just found Bran telling the story at this time is really bizarre.  It’s almost like he knew what happened to his mom and big brother.

Bran's motley crew

Bran’s motley crew

Also, I like it that Sam and Gilly running into our favorite motley crew.  It’s a nice little moment when Sam recognizes Bran as Jon’s little brother, and tries to stop them from going up the north.  Sam even gives Bran some Dragonglass and escorts them to the entrance to the north  Now, only god knows what these people are going to face next.

Since we’re talking about Sam, let’s talk about the another “loosed crow.”  Jon Snow is becoming the biggest cry baby in the entire series.  Running away from the woman who love him, does everything for him, but all he can say is “I just want to go home.”  I was really hoping Ygritte would just kill him on the spot, but no. The bastard manages to run away, and breaks the poor woman’s heart once again.

A big part of this episode is when Davos decides to rescue Gendry.  It’s a great moment for the character, and I’m glad he made the decision.  Also, thank you Fire God for knowing that what’s behind the wall is a bigger threat, otherwise Davos is for sure to be executed by Stannis.

I thought both Davos and Gendry are for sure to be dead this season, and I’m glad I’m wrong.

After a long journey, Jamie and Brienne are finally back in King’s Landing.  The scene is a very short one, and it’s basically just to tell everyone stories once again before the season ends.  I feel like Jamie’s stories already ended with “The Bear and The Maiden Fair,” and this extra scene here is unnecessary.   Also, I don’t care too much between Jamie and Cersei, that scene is really awkward.  I would rather see Jamie spending more time with Brienne.

There are some powerful scenes in King’s Landing as well.  The news of Robb’s dead comes to the place, and Joffrey wants to serve Robb’s head to Sansa during his wedding.  That gets Tyrion furious, and ends up with Tywin to send Joffrey, the king, away.  Tyrion really is the hero of the series with him standing up to his father like that.  Also, the scene Tyrion shares with his sister is great.  I like how these two always have some heart-filled moments, but they’re still enemies.  They definitely have one of the most interesting relationships in the series.

The season ends with Danny freeing the slaves, being dubbed “Mhysa,” or mother, in slave language.  It’s a beautiful scene seeing her being lift into the air by hundreds and hundreds of people, but it’s not powerful enough to be a season finale.  Overall, “Mhysa” is a great episode, and it gives us one final look of every characters before we leave them for a whole year.  I guess we’re more used to seeing something really shocking in season finale, and it’s something this episode failed to do so.

See you next year, Game of Thrones.  Meanwhile, I will start reading the books for the first time.



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  1. NO SPOILERS don’t worry. The part you wrote of Bran telling the story of rat cook and guest rite being connected to Rob is right. In the book he has a dream through Rob and Greywind and basically knows something bad happened but he is unsure and scared to tell jojeen and meera. Yea, they don’t really make it clear in the show


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