Mad Men “Favors” Review


You suck, Don Draper.  You suck so much!

What the heck Don!  How can he keeps on going back to his dark ways?  Especially since last episode he was showing signs of wanting to make things work with Megan, but then he goes back to Sylvia the first chance he got, and results into the worst moment in the entire show- Sally walks into Don cheating on Megan.

Sally is hit with it pretty hard with the discovery, and she’s not going to be able to be recovered from that anytime soon.  Don is officially the worst father in the entire series.  I hope this will be a wake-up call for him, but I know better.  Nothing is ever going to change this man, and he’s a hopeless case now.

Also, Sally is not stupid.  She probably figures out that her father had been cheating on Betty before, and that’s why they’re divorced.

Aside from all the uncomfortable thing, the scene is great seeing everyone’s reactions to Sally seeing them.  Jon Hamm’s performance is especially great having Don freaking out, searching for Sally and don’t know what to do next.

Pete has to deal with his mother’s issue once again in this episode.  His mother’s situation is not improving, and she’s mistaking Peggy for Trudy.  It turns out that the doctor has been sleeping with Pete’s mom this whole time, and Pete is furious- even though he shared a laugh with Peggy about it first.  Pete confronts Bob about it, and it opens up a whole different can of worms.  So it turns out that Bob’s niceness is because he actually likes Pete!  Yep, Bob is gay, and I don’t think anyone sees that coming.  I really though he’s only nice because he’s plotting something sinister, but it turns out is due to affection.  So I guess his friendship with Joan is actually pure then.

I’m on team Bob, and I really like him.

bob-benson-poll5 (1)

man, this image here just have a whole new meaning now

Anyway, this is also the first time we see Ted’s home and how his wife is having problems with him putting so much effort in the office.  However, unlike Don, Ted is actually able to maintain a good relationship with his family, and it’s something Don couldn’t manage.  Ted and Don are really starting to become two different character, and it’s shown thanks to the topic of the juice wars.  However, due to him desperatley trying to help Sylvia’s son, it could have a positive effect in the office in the long run.  It’s a nice moment when Don said, “It’s my partner.  He’s doing me a favor.”  It shows that it’s that the office might actually finally going to work together in the future.

Peggy’s story about having rat in his apartment is bizarre.  I guess the main purpose of this is to show us how lonely she really is, and when she calls for help, no one would come.  Poor Peggy, she’s steps on becoming the cat lady if she doesn’t do something about it soon.

The episode takes Don to a whole new level of scumbag, and we just can’t wait to see if Sally is going to tell everyone what she has seen or not.  Only two episodes left this season, and what’s going to happen next is everyone’s guess.

A short review, because there’s surprisingly not  a lot of things to talk about.



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