The Venture Bros. “Venture Libre” Review


A great episode with that classic Venture Bros. vibe to it

We focused on Hank a lot in this episode, and it was funny to see how a little caffeine overdoes and do to this kid.  He was gone for the most part of the episode, and when he returns, he’s The Bat.  I almost forgot that Hank has a thing for Batman, and it’s funny to see him dressing up as The Bat to rescue Rusty and Hatred.  Also, damn!  Can Hank fight!  All the training with Brock and Hatred finally pays off.

The scene where The Bat and Venturestein stare down at each other, just to have Venturestein putting on a Batman mask is awesome!  Who knows the monster can be a Batman fan as well?

Dean doesn’t do a lot in this episode, and  that’s kind of a shame.  It’s strange not seeing Dean in this kind of traditional Venture family adventure, but his absent is understandable due to his recent dramatic changes.  Hopefully Dean’s emoness will have a great character development at the end, or the character is going to be annoying.

The congresswoman Marsha Blackwood is annoying.  I always hate character like her who assumes other don’t speak English or butts into others’ business.  I’m glad to see her acting all stupid and picks up an iPad just to have it blows up in her face.  Awesome!

It’s good to  see Venturestein makes an re-appearance in this episode.  Last time we see if was back in season 2 I believe, and he was one of Monarch’s henchman that was killed, and Rusty brought him back to life.  It’s cool to see him makes a return in this episode as the leader of U.R.G.H. , the lineup of U.R.G.H. is full of easter eggs character.  From Island of Doctor Moreau to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and and a pants-wearing Man-Thing to a couple of Oompa Loompas.  This is really one of those things Venture Bros always does that you won’t “get it” until you pay attention.

Venture Bros. has been taken a different approach with the stories in the recent episode, we forget what it is really about- a spoof of Johnny Quest.  This episode bring back the classic feeling, and it’s great.

I really thought that Hatred is going to stay on the island.  It would suck I know, but with the recent changes in the show, I wouldn’t be surprised.



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