Things I Noticed From DC September 2013 Solicitations


Along with the Villains Month issues, DC Comics has finally released their full September 2013 Solicitations.  Here are some things that I noticed:

  • Heroes are… Dead?: A lot of solicitations listed the possibilities of heroes are either dead, or gone.  Killer Frost mentions how she can’t find Firestorm, and Black Manta states that Aquaman is probably dead.  What exactly is going on here?
  • Origin Stories: I love origin stories, and I’m glad DC is spending a month focusing on some important villains’ origins in New 52.  Reverse-Flash’s story is especially going to be awesome.
  • Old heroes, new design: DC is also introducing a lot of old villains into New 52 for the very first time.  Some of the villains I’m looking forward to in the world of New 52 are Bizarro, Creeper and General Zod.
  • Geoff Johns is writing a lot: Man, the man need a break!  He’s writing Forever Evil, Black Manta, Secret Society and Black Adam.  Johns really needs to take a break.
  • Zero Year to take a month off: So Zero Year is taking a month of, making it officially ends in next year’s June.  However, The Riddler solicitations does mention something about the events in Zero Year going to affect him.
  • Dial E?: What not call it Dial V, for “villain”?
  • Superman crazed: A lot of Superman collected books are releasing in September.  Most likely to promote Man of Steel, and to celebrate the 75th year of Superman.
  • Forever Evil Begins: Most importantly, the first DC Comics Universe-wide event begins this month.  It’s going to be a seven-issue event, and with the solicitation of “The Justice League is DEAD! And the villains shall INHERIT the Earth! An epic tale of the world’s greatest super-villains starts here!”  We’re gonna have to wait til September to find out what it means exactly.



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