Comic Reviews 6-12-2013

Batman issue 21, One Piece Chapter 711, Superman Unchained issue 1 and The Walking Dead issue 111.

Finally!  After the long anticipation, Superman Unchained is here!  And let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint.

First off, cover of the week:

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What’s a good way to start off this week’s review, other than this awesome cover for this awesome new series?

Anyway, onward with the reviews–

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Batman issue 21.  Batman: Zero Year officially kicks off in this issue.  In this issue, Snyder takes us back to the earlies career of The Dark Knight, even earlier than Miller’s Year One story.  We’re all familiar with how Batman learned his martial arts, detective and other skills, but we hardly see how Batman comes across his outfit designs, gadgets and all those technical stuffs.  This story will be focusing on those aspects more than others, and it’s different than what we’ve seen so far.

The issue continues what we’ve seen in the September’s zero issue, and Bruce Wayne and the Red Hood Gang’s war continues.  And for the first time, we finally learn what the Red Hood Gang is all about.  I love origin stories, and this is a great story.  While Miller’s Year One story is a classic, it does feel like he rushed some of the aspect in the Dark Knight’s mythos, and focuses more on the human, emotional and psychological sides of Batman.  So far, Zero Year has already shown how Bruce Wayne tries to operate without his gadgets, and it’s proven difficult.  He really needs his gadgets, and it’s easy to guess that Bruce is going to gain control of Wayne Corp. soon, and that’s how he fund his gadgets in the future.

An interesting part of the story is Bruce’s intention of hiding his return to Gotham City.  I don’t think this was mentioned in any previous Batman origins stories, and it’s definitely something new.  It builds more characters on a character that’s already greatly developed.  It also adds another layer of mystery of why Bruce eventually decides to reveal himself the the public, and why he takes over the company.

And unlike Year One stories, the main villains here are our future “freaks.”  The Riddler already makes an appearance as the main threat, and we’re for sure to see the Red Hood Gang more- which I believe the leader will turn out to be pre-Joker.  This is unlike Year One when the threats are still mafia bosses.

The only sad thing is that the story is going to unwritten what Year One told us already.  While it is understandable, it’s a little disappointing to see such wonderful stories no longer intact with our main universe.

A great beginning for a year-ling event, and can’t wait to see what’s up next.



photo 4 (5)

One Piece Chapter 711 “Adventures in the Land Dwarves.”  It’s confirmed.  The entire island of Dressrosa is filled with Dwarves (little people).  The Dwarves of Dressrosa is from a tribe called Tontatta Kingdom and they’re all very gullible.  They referred to Devil Fruit powers as “weird magic,” and they trusted people easily.  Robin tells them she doesn’t have weapons, and they believed her.  Usopp tells them a story of how he’s a legendary warrior here to help them, they believe him as well.  How cute!

It turns out Devil Fruit works on Dwarves as well.  Tontatta Kingdom’s warrior Leo reveals to have Devil Fruit power Nui Nui no Mi, or Stitch Stitch Fruit.  Also, the fairy that’s with Zoro is confirmed to be a Dwarf as well- Wicca.  It turns out that the entire Dwarves population on Dressrosa are not happy with the Doflamingo Family, and they’re going to this place called “Flower Field.”

It’s also revealed that Doflamingo never really quit Shichibukai, and him and Fujitora are both closing in on Law at this moment.  It’s intense, and I have no idea what Law is going to do next.  I’m glad that Doflamingo never quit Shichibukai, because I’m kind of sick and tired that we can never collect all 7 people in Shichibukai.  When was the last time we have all 7 people?  Was it before the Paramount War?  That’s a long time ago already.  Sadly though, it seems like Law might not be a Shichibukai anymore after this, so we’re going to have 6 people again.  Well, at least it’s better than having only 5 people.

Also, it turns out Rebecca and Thunderous Soldier of Rage know each others, and they might even be lovers.  It’s obvious that Thunderous Soldier of Rage is based on The Steadfast Tin Soldier, so it’s safe to assume that Rebecca is the ballerina from the story.  Maybe the island of Dressrosa are more racist towards these toy people than we really knew.

An exciting chapter with bad guys closing in from all over the place, and Thousand Sunny is about to be attacked by Doflamingo Family as well.  I really can’t wait to read next chapter, too bad Oda Sensei is taking a break next week though.



photo 2 (9)

Superman Unchained issue 1.  Finally! a Superman title I can follow.  Superman Unchained is a great series with wonderful art and writing.

I always have problems with Superman titles, because the writers always focus too much on Superman’s thoughts.  I mean, why do I care what a superior god-like creature has to think?  I just want to see Superman in good stories and great character moments.  That’s all.  And this is what this new series gives us.  A great story that seems like its a page out of classic Superman book, and great character moments between Clark, Lois and Jimmy.

Also, for the first time, I don’t mind the internal monologues from Superman.  The threat is big enough, and I understand Superman’s need to reassure himself.

My little problem is the idea of Original Superman.  Didn’t we already have another Original Superman in Action Comics or something?  It just seems so over-redundant and I just don’t care about it anymore.  However, this IS Scott Snyder’s writing though, so it’s possible that this Original Superman concept might just be something clever and shocking, instead of something old repeated.


photo 3 (6)

The Walking Dead issue 111.  This is the issue I have been waiting for.  For the first time in months, The Walking Dead has picked up its paces, and gives us some solid, good stories.  We have a quick glance at Hilltop people and Kingdom people preparing for the upcoming war.  Michonne is feeling safe for the first time, but almost sleep without her katana by her side.  But she knows better, she always knows better.  She ends up sleeping with the katana by her side anyway.  This is why Michonne is still alive after all this time.

The biggest moment of this issue is when Negan drops by Alexandria Safe-Zone unannounced.  It’s a terrifying moment, and one that I cannot look away.  Negan is proven to be one of the most well-written character in the entire Walking Dead franchise and I really love to hate him.  You can never guess what he’s going to do next, and so far, for being a psychotic guy, he’s pretty decent.  He hates people who are sneaking behind others’ back, and he does apologize for calling her fat, even though he did it in a douchebag kind of way.

I never really like Spencer, and his anger for Rick is totally unjustifiable.  I don’t think he cares about his father at all, and he’s only mad at Rick because he’s with Andrea.  He is a small and sneaky man, and he goes behind others back to hurt them.  I’m glad that Negan calls out of his cowardliness, and kills him.  However, I am afraid of what’s going to happen to the rest of Alexandria Safe-Zone citizens if Negan finds out that Rick is working with the other communities to start a war with him… Oh man, I’m scared just to think about it.

Finally things are picking up.  Hopeful it won’t slow down anymore.



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