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State of Decay is a good game, but it’s definitely not what you expected.  Be sure to read this review before playing the game.

The game is an open-world game where you’re facing hordes and hordes of zombies.  However, unlike games such as Dead Rising, the game focuses more on the survival aspect rather than “fight til they drop.”  The characters you’re playing as are  just typical humans.  They’re weak, and they ran out of breath easily.  Just because you’re holding an awesome nail bat doesn’t mean you’re going to kill the hordes of zombies.  In fact, the best way to fight hordes is just running away.

If you can.

The thing is, you have to use stamina for fighting and running , and the chances are your stamina is very low.  It only takes a couple of steps and you will run out of stamina already, and you will soon become zombie food.

Seriously though, imagine you’re in the world of Walking Dead when you’re playing this game and you will be fine.  You’re not here to kill as many zombies as you can, you’re here to survive another day.  You don’t want to encounter a zombie head on, you want to avoid them as much as you can.  You don’t want to run around loudly, you want to be as stealthy as possible.  You kind of get the idea now?  I really can’t stress enough how dangerous it is to run into a zombie head on in this game.  This really is not Dead Rising, and you will not be fine.

Also, the living situation is an important factor in this game as well. The story begins with a group of people fort-up in a church and things are quickly going downhill.  The survivors want more sleeping quarters, food and even more defense towers.  There are also arguments between survivors, and you need to resolve them.  At first, I thought it was okay to leave them along to deal with the problems themselves, but I soon learn my lesson the hard way when one person turns into a zombie  and kills EVERY SINGLE SURVIVORS in the church.  I have to re-start the game by this point.

Another problem with the living situation is the infestation.  Every once in a while, the houses in your neighborhood will be infested with Screamers- a special type of zombie that screams to attract other zombies.  I figure that it shouldn’t be a problem for me, because it’s not my headquarter that’s infested.  I was so wrong.  Guys, don’t make mistakes like I do, and just get rid of the infestation problems as soon as possible.

How many mistakes can you make before you learned?

How many mistakes can you make before you learned?

If the living situations become too horrible, and there’s nothing you can do about it, there’s always the option of moving away.  Since the game is an open world sandbox, you always have the option to move your headquarter to some place else, or even some other towns.  This allows you to always find a better place to protect your group, and maybe finally a place to live long term.

The game has a level system.  The more you play a particular survivor, they more they’re going to be stronger, more stamina and more skillful with weapons.  However, the game’s mechanism also prevents you from favoring a character for too long.  If you’ve been using a character for too long, the character’s maximum stamina will reduce and you will grow tired easily.  This is the game’s way to force you to switch between characters.  Different characters have different skills, and they might not even be able to use the same weapons either.  I have a favorite character, Calvin, I want to say?  Anyway, Calvin is max out on a lot of skills, and he’s becoming a great leader of the group, but I still have to switch him out when he’s too tired.  After finishing a mission with another character, I came home and cannot find Calvin.  It turns out that Lilly sends Calvin out on a mission, and now I have no idea where he is!  The biggest problem is that the new character I’m using is getting too tired as well, but I have no other character to switch to.  It turns out, you can only switch between characters that are friends already.  I have no choice, but have my tired character heads out to look for the missing Calvin.

This guy is ready to go

This guy is ready to go

The game uses the “Influence System” for items.  Every time you done a mission, bring items back or help others, you gain some influence points.  You then use these influence points to take items other survivors brought back such as weapons, medicines or ammunition.  That’ way not everyone can use the same weapons.  While some characters have enough influence points to take out some items from the inventory, it doesn’t mean other characters can do the same thing.  This makes it really annoying to use some characters, but it does add another flavor to this already unique game.

The game does come with a lot of glitches and technical problems.  The zombies usually clip through walls and create a whole different kind of problems for the players.  Also, the control can be buggy from time to time where the characters I control won’t obey me at all.  However, all theses problems can be overlooked, as the game provides you more fun than that.

I strongly recommend this game, and think you should check this game out when you can.  The game is only $20 on Xbox Live, and it’s already better than most of the $60 games you see in retails.



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  1. I never thought that the feeling of being helpless would be so cool.

    State of Decay might look like an “easy” game because of its not so brilliant graphics but the gameplay is its bread and butter.

    Infestation is frustrating sometimes so nice tip on that. And for a guide to missions, here’s a good one:



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