Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic iPad Review


Now as an iPad game, does the game still hold up after 10 years?I really like the game when it first game out 10 years ago.  In fact, it was my first Xbox game ever, and essentially my gateway drug to the world of console games.  I’m overjoyed when I learned that the game is making a port of iPad, and I downloaded it right away.  Let me tell you, the game shines brighter than ever on the mobile device.

The touch screen interface allows better navigation through the menus.  You can easily equip or un-equip items onto the characters now.  Also, the sharper iPad screen also allows better reading on the text this time, unlike the original Xbox version of the game.


I also enjoy the nifty features that only available in a touch screen environment.  A quick save feature not available in the original game, and number corresponding to the responses.  All these are improved features only available for iPad.

The only problem, like every games ported to iPad, is the movement controls.  It’s hard to move characters around on the map, due to the only movements are dragging characters to the directions you want on the screen.  It can be difficult to do so from time to time, and it can be also be laggy.  I have problems that my characters run too far off the road, and it takes a while to drag the characters back on the road.  However, since the game is technically a turn-base battle game, fist action timing is not important at all.  So overall it doesn’t really effect the actual gameplay.

Also, I have the problem of overheat when playing this game.  I don’t know if it’s the device is taking too much power to run the game, or the problem is on my own iPad.  The problem is not too serious though, so it won’t effect the overall gameplay.

The game is still the same, so there’s no need to talk about the story and such.  The story is very, very good.



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