Mad Men “The Quality of Mercy” Review


Bob Benson’s secrets revealed!  

I think the biggest thing in this week’s Mad Men is that we finally know what’s the deal with Bob Benson, even though the answers give us more questions.  It turns out that Bob has been lying about his entire life experiences, and the revelation of his sexuality last week might even be a lie, either.  Well, his niceness soon wears off as he screams how much he hates Pete over the phone in Spanish to the therapist.  Just what is their relationship anyway?  Lovers?

Also, is it true that no one knows who hired Bob Benson?  It seems like the case when Pete is confronting Bob, and it kind of makes sense.  We just see Bob pops out of no where one episode, but we have no idea who he is.  We only have one episode left, and I think all shits are going down with Bob Benson.


Let’s put a smile on that face

I’t a great touch that Pete mentions he’ has dealt with situation like this before, and we all know that he meant Don.  I like how he learned his lesson from Don’s event, and he decides to keep Bob’s secrets and uses it as a leverage.  Pretty clever, Pete.

I was really afraid for Kenneth this episode.  When he was shot at the beginning of the episode, I thought we’re having another character exiting the show, mirroring last season’s death (I miss Pryce).  It’s understandable that he wants to be off the case, when he’s about to be a father, missing an eye and all.  I just can’t believe taking care of clients can almost kill a person.

A big part of the episode is the way Sally deals with what she saw last episode.  She wants to get away as far as possible and decides to be in a boarding school.  She then further distant herself by drinking, smoking pot and Glenn.  It’s good to see Glenn after such a long time, and I’m glad he’s not AS creepy as he was before.   At the same time, Sally is more and more like her mother ever.  She’s manipulative, and she enjoys watching the puppets dance to make herself feel better.

It’s a great, but equally horrible moment when Betty bonds with Sally over a smoke.  It’s just so inappropriate, but cute in Betty’s way.


Both parents are receiving parents of the year award.  I can’t believe Sally is not more mess up than she already is.

Well, Ted and Peggy’s relationship is getting kind of out of control.  It’s not like I’m against the two being together, but his attractions to Peggy is affecting his judgments.  Ginsberg’s line about how he wants Ted to respond to an idea that’s wasn’t Peggy’s, and Don and Megan running into them at movie are all awkward, but fun moments.  However, when he’s costing the company 10~20 grands just to do a casting, then he’s really having issues.

Of course, while Don is right to call out Ted’s problems, he’s actually petty.  Don is not happy that he’s no longer the main factor in the office, and if anything, I don’t think he’s happy that Peggy is so close to Ted.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Don likes Peggy that way, but he likes being the center of attention.  Don and Peggy used to have such strong bond, and he doesn’t like the fact that Ted and Peggy are the new office dynamic.   Again, Don is just a petty man and he decides to go with Sunkist, even though the company has a conflict of interest.

Also, Don bringing up the dead partner is really messed up.  Even though he did successfully fix a really, really bad situation, using a dead man’s memory like that is just wrong.  Beside, he also steals Peggy’s moment by doing so.

I think Ted are regretting the merging now.

It’s a cold hard truth that Don gives to Ted about his judgment, and Don enjoys it.  It’s also sad to see that Ted is now dodging Peggy.  This season is just a big emotional disasters for characters left and right, and it’s only a matter of time when someone is going to snap.  I wouldn’t be surprise someone bites the dust in the final episode next week.



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