Comic Reviews 6-19-2013

Justice League of America’s Vibe issue 5, The Superior Spider-Man issue 12 and Wonder Woman issue 21.

This is a slow week for comic books and nothing too exciting.  Next week though, it will be a whole different story.

Cover of the week–

photo 4 (6)

An interesting cover for the ongoing Batman And “_____” series.  Can’t wait for this to be all over, and Batman finds himself a new Robin again.  It’s starting to get a little tiresome to see Batman going to dark places.  Who does he think he is, Don Draper?

Too bad the story isn’t as good as the cover, not planning on reviewing it this week.

Onward with the first review–

photo 2 (10)

Justice League of America’s Vibe issue 5.  Like my previous reviews, this is actually a pretty good series.  However, this month’s is kind of weak.  Suicide Squad guest star this week, but they’re nothing like how we know and love them from their own series.  The squad is weak in comparison, and they don’t quite fit into the current situation in their own series.  It feels like that DC knows Vibe’s series is weak by itself, so it needs cheap-ass guest start to boost its sell.  Last issue Batman (fake), the issue before that has Kid Flash and this issue Suicide Squad.  DC needs to learn that Vibe is good enough by himself without guest stars.

Well, it was all for nothing as Gypsy’s rescue mission comes to an end.  I’m starting to hope that the series can be rename Vibe with Friends as I’m really enjoying Gypsy’s story.  Hopefully we get to see the more of her later.

Is Vibe really getting kick off the team already?  I can’t believe they’re having Vibe off the team already after all the hype.  If so, I wonder who  are they going to have replacing him?


photo 3 (7)

The Superior Spider-Man issue 12.  Spider-Man continues his fight with the Spider Slayer, and things are not looking too good for Spidey.  Not only he has to face-off Slayer, he also has to fight newly improved Vulture, Scorpion and others.  It’s like a Spidey foes all-star battle or something.

The biggest problem this issue is that Spidey has to make a choice.  Who is he going to save, and does he have the time.  Not to mention that they blackout of the prison also released The Lizard.  I wonder if he’s going to be friend or foe.

The artwork of this issue is wonderful.  I really enjoy the details Camuncoli put in his characters.  While the story is grimed, I like how the rich characters drawn by  Camuncoli can give us a different feeling for the situation.

Next issue teases The Lizard is going to make an appearance.  I hope he will help out Spidey.


photo 1 (11)

Wonder Woman issue 21.  A great story that concerns the threat of The First Born, and Wonder Woman continues to protect the baby.  The first born is clearly a threat, and the reappearance of Orion is definitely helpful.  Too bad though, in the middle of the fight, we lost Lennox.  He has been a great character, and a great help to Diana.  It’s sad to see him go, but there’s always a chance he will make a return, right?

The biggest thing in this issue is the revelation of New Genesis, the place where New Gods live.  It seems like Azzarello is ready to give us a full-blown of New Gods already.  I really, really can’y wait to see what is in store for the New Gods, and how they’re going to play off in the Wonder Woman series.  Most of all, who is going to make a New 52 appearance.

A great issue, and the future is brighter than ever for this series.  Can’t wait to see what’s up next.



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