Mad Men “In Care Of” Review


What do you think of the season 6 finale of Mad Men?

Another season of Mad Men is over, and the finale is wonderful.  Don Draper comes a long way this season, and he only wants to be better.  To Don, that perfect place is Los Angeles and it makes sense.  Don always has the best time when he’s in LA, and with the person he considers family the most.  It’s will be a perfect new beginning for Don.  However, things are not going to be that easy for Don.

It’s messed up that Don asked Megan to quit her job, but not going to LA in the last second.  I would be mad too, if I have to give up my career for nothing.  While Don is still grabbing on the last hope and suggests Megan that they can be a “bicoastal” couple, we know it’s too late already.  The poor girl tortures herself enough in this relationship, and it’s about time she leaves Don once and for all.

I really like Megan, and I’ve been really mad for the way Don treated her this season.  It’s only a matter of time that she couldn’t handle it anymore, and walks out of the marriage.  Well, that’s it folks.  I don’t think Megan will be back for another season.  But again, this Mad Men, we never know what’s going to happen next.

Let’s move away from Don for a second, and talk about other characters.  It is a big episode for the Ted/Peggy relationship, and it ends miserably.  It’s pretty nasty that Ted shows up at Peggy’s apartment and confronts her about her date.  However, it’s even worst the way he treated her the next day.  Ted promises Peggy that he will leave his family, but he backs out at the last second and decides to put a distant between him and her by moving to California.  While his decision to choose his family over Peggy is understandable, it is still messed up to leave her after all the promises.  It’s interesting  that this episode features two broken relationships.  While one couple still have a chance to fix things, the other one is completely dead.  And you know which is which.

Pete’s story is full of surprises this episode.  First his mother got married and died falling off a ship, then he decides to leave the company and moves to LA.  I don’t understand his reactions upon hearing his mother’s news.  Not only he learned that his mother just died by falling off a ship, he also learned that she’s married to the therapist, and there’s most likely foul-play involving her death.  His first reaction?  Get angry and goes to Detroit for the meeting anyway.  It seems like that the death of his mother is just the last thing he need to give up on everything and move to LA.

While Pete’s decision to move to LA is a surprise, I already expected something to happen to him this season.  Pete is the one character that receives some of the worst treatments this season, and it’s only a matter of time he does something about it.  I thought he’s going to snap and takes out a gun or something, so I’m glad to see that didn’t happen.  His decision to move to LA is clearly a much better choice.

The Bob Benson mystery is not so much a mystery anymore, and we know that he is a man with plans.  While I’m not sure what really happened between Pete’s man and the therapist, but I’m sure that Bob knows something about it.  Also, we know how dangers Bob can be when he is mad, as he lets Pete drives the car and purposely sabotaged him.  It’s also curious to see his relationship with Joan.  The two of them are spending Thanksgiving together and I wonder what the true nature of their relationship is.  And I know Roger is wondering the same thing.

It’s great that Joan invites Roger into his son’s life, and it seems like the two are on good terms now.  Maybe this kid will grow up outside of a broken family.

Sally is in a lot of trouble these days.  She can’t handle what she seen about her father, and she’s acting out on it.  She begins to drink, and smoke and even Betty can’t handle her anymore.  Betty’s cries is a wake-up call for Don that he can’t run away from his problems anymore, and he has to man-up so his daughter doesn’t become a screw-up like him.

It’s a strange moment when Don shares his childhood moments during the meeting.  It means that he’s no longer running away from his past, and he wants to confront them.  However, he chooses a really, really bad time to come clean, and it results in other partners asking him to leave the company for an uncertain time.

The final moment where Don shows his children where he grew up is a hopeful one.  Don is putting an end to the vicious cycle, and he doesn’t want Sally to grow up in a broken family.  This almost feels like a series finale, instead of a season finale.  Most of the characters exit this season with great notes, with the exception of Peggy.  Now that season 6 is over and next one is most likely the final season, I’m curious what Matthew Weiner has planned for them.  When it seems like Don’ journey comes to an end here, I’m sure more things are coming the way.  Most importantly, will we still care when they come?  Do we still care about Don relapsing into his dark places?  Only time will tell.



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