The Venture Bros. “Spanakopita” Review



It’s a great episode seeing Rusty being so happy for the first time.  Spanakopita is Greek word for Spanish pie, but Rusty believes it’s the name of the paradise island he’s in love with since he’s a little boy.  The island is suspicious, and it drives Hatred into investigation.  Of course, the answer is very typical Venture Bros. -everything is a lie.

It turns out that while Rusty is little, he was kidnapped by the island indigenous.  After little Rusty wouldn’t stop crying, the kidnappers decide to lie to Rusty and tell him that the island is a paradise, a theme park just for him.  This clearly works and has an impact on young Rusty’s mind as he has been returning to Spanakopita once a year ever since.  

It’s fun to see Billy’s archenemy St. Cloud so soon.  I know that character is going to make a lot of appearances this season, he’s too bizarre and interesting not to.  However, unlike his previous appearance, the character is not as interesting anymore and a little one-noted.  Granted, the character still has some funny interactions with his albino man-servant Pee Why.  I especially likes it when St. Cloud uses his nasty, nasal voice to command Pee Why to “Use your parkour!”  Classic!

I also like the moment where Pete is about to be burn by the sun, just to be saved by Pee Why in the last second due to some “albino code.”

This episode also features the familiar faces of Dr. Jonas Venture and his original team in flashbacks.  I always like to see stories of the original Venture Team, and this one doesn’t disappoint either.  We also get to see Brock this episode.  Unlike the previous episode, Brock’s appearance is merely a cameo.  But I’m not going to argue upon that – any Brock appearance is good.  It’s cool to see Hatred asking Brock for advice.  They’re enemies before, but Hatred is doing Brock’s old job now.  So it makes total sense that Hatred will ask Brock for help.  

Also, I laugh so hard when I see those women with Brock babies come out of no where.


It was interesting to see Billy’s bizarre dream sequence.  It’s cool too see Billy riding Pete the Pegasus and uses Dr. Venture’s head to battle the claymation St. Cloud monster.   I think this is the first time seeing claymation in this cartoon, and that’s really awesome. 

While this episode doesn’t feature a lot of characters or storylines, Spanakopita is one of the best episode of the season.  It’s cool to see that there’re something to cheer Dr. Venture up, and I want to see more of him like that .



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