Comic Reviews 6-26-2013

Batman/Superman issue 1, Justice League issue 21 and One Piece chapter 712.

What an exciting week with a brand new series!  Let’s start the first review and cover of the week already–

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Batman/Superman issue #1.  A great beginning for a great new series.  This is probably the first time that I really like the art before the story.  Jae Lee and Ben Olvier did a wonderful job on the art, it definitely gives the issue a great boost.

The story brings up to the early career of Batman and Superman where they know each others existent, but they don’t know know who each others are.  A time even before Justice League issue 1 where Batman is still an urban legend of Gotham, and Superman still operates in his T-shirt and jeans.  It’s also great to see them meeting each other first in their civilian outfits, and it brings out a whole different feeling to our characters.

What happened at the end of the issue can be a little confusing.  While most of us who read the solicitations know what happened, it’ hard to tell base on this issue.  Especially the only clue are the differences in Batman’s costume, and Jonathan Kent.  I don’t think most readers can figure out just exactly what happened here unless read the spoilers ahead.

Greg Pak does a wonderful job distinguishing the two characters’ voices, and focus on just how different these two characters are.  As of now, it seems like the series ignores the two seemingly first meeting between the two characters in Justice League #1.

Also, it makes total sense that a villain that needs both Batman and Superman together has to be a supernatural one.  I love it!


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Justice League issue 21.  This entire issue is dedicated to Shazam, and the story finally comes to an end.  It’s not like I don’t like the back-up, but I really like it and I don’t want it to lose its momentum.  Even though it’s already losing it…

I’m just going to go straight to the point, and talk about the re-appearance of the entire Marvel Family!  Or should I say Shazam Family?  Anyway, in a moment of desperation, Billy shares his powers with his adopted siblings, and turning them into similar heroes like himself.  We get to see the New 52 version of Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel, among many new members of Marvel (Shazam) family.  It was a silly concept that Shazam has a whole family of heroes like that (including Uncle Marvel), but Johns actually did a good job here along with artist Gary Frank to make these ridiculous ideas awesome.  Not to mention the tiger Tawny is also given magical power as well, just like its counterpart in Flashpoint.

I don’t believe Black Adam is really dead, he’s too important.  Also, September has a Black Adam villain issue, and that should be enough proof that Black Adam is going to come back somehow.  Now the only problem is how?

The Shazam back-up is a long run, and I’m glad it’s over.  Now maybe we can finally see Shazam interacting with some other heroes?  Also, when are we going to see Shazam punching Superman as they told us it’s going to happen?


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One Piece chapter 712 “Violet.”  The story doesn’t move forward a lot in this chapter, and it’s revealed that Violet is actually a member of  Doflamingo Family, and she has the power of Devil Fruit.  However, upon seeing how sincere Sanji is, she decides to betray Doflamingo and help Sanji instead.  Also, I like Sanji asking her to join the group, and I say why not!  We can also have another female member in the crew.

By the way, when are we going to see Nami’s side of the story?

The biggest question out of this chapter is the true identity of Doflamingo- just what exactly is he?  Why does he have so much power over the World Government?  I think the answer is simple- he’s a decedent of Celestial Dragons.  However, not a pure decedent, but a half-blood.  Most likely daddy Celestial Dragon, and mommy a regular civilian.  This is something we see common with Celestial Dragons, as they like to pick up random women and bring them home as wife.

Well, we’re most likely going to find out what Doflamingo’s deal is next week.  Hopefully we also get to see some exciting thing like Fujitora using his power or something.



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