Man of Steel Review


Superman is back on the big screen!  But how’s the performance?

Superman has the records of having horrible live action movies.  So when a new Superman movie is being produced by Christopher Nolan, the anticipation is killing everyone.  Now the movie is finally out, does it hold up to all the hypes?

The movie begins with the destruction of Krypton, and we get to see the planet’s ecosystem.  While it’s interesting to see what Krypton is like before its destruction, I’m not sure about the things I see.  Especially the Matrix-like baby breeding ground.  I never seen anything like that in Superman’s mythos.  I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but I will let it slide.

My biggest problem is the jump to Clark’s adulthood right after the rocket launched.  While it’s obvious that this man is the same baby from Krypton, but how about those who’s been living under a rock and doesn’t know what Man of Steel is?  While Superman’s story is something that’s told again and again for over 70 years, but that’s only in America.  When making a movie, the filmmakers are supposed to pretend the viewers don’t know anything about the movie, just in case someone who has no idea what the movie is about decides to watch it.  I know it’s a rare situation, but I have a friend who doesn’t know a lot about pop cultures, and even what Game of Thrones is, and yes, he’s an American.  Mind you, he “doesn’t know what it is,” and not “never seen it before.”  I’m just saying that there’s a possibility that people don’t know who Man of Steel really is, and the narration should be more considerate.

The movie goes deeper with Clark’s life, and his struggles to fit in.  Unfortunately, the story has been told hundreds of times already, and I don’t really care about it anymore.  Also, despite all the deeper look into Clark’s past, I still feel distant away from the character.  By the time the movie is over, I still don’t “feel” for the character.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think Henry Cavill is a wonderful choice for Superman.  He has a nice, friendly face that’s perfect for Superman.  He also does a perfect job showing Superman’s emotional side.  The distant I felt from the character has nothing to do with the actor himself, but mainly how rushed the movie is with the character developments.

I also really like the redesign of Superman’s costume.  The costume being part of Kryptonian out fit just makes so much more sense.  However, unlike being a formal dress as how New 52 describe it, the costume here is just something Kryptonians wear under their armors.  So technically, Superman is wearing his underwear outside all the time.

img2452sp (1)

Nice underwear, pal!

Michael Shannon does a wonderful job as General Zod.  He clearly shows Zod’s ruthlessness, and he is definitely a creepy villain.  For some reason, we actually feel more for the villain, and not as much for our hero.  This is because we know that this is what Zod’s born into, and he doesn’t have any other choices.  However, the one character that really steals the show is Anejie Tarue’s character Faora.  Her ruthlessness is parallel to her master, and she totally kicks-ass.  If anything, there should be a Faora Play Arts Kai figure, instead of Zod.


A thing I found anticlimactic is the name “Superman.”  During the interrogation room, Lois asked what the “S” stands for, and when she’s about to suggest Superman, the name is cut off.  I thought the movie decides not to call him Superman at all, but then the name is burst out by a random character.  It becomes weak and pointless.  If Lois called out the name on the screen first, it will be more meaningful.

But don’t get me wrong though, the movie isn’t really that bad at all.  The movie provides great entertainment values, and great action sequences that have you asking for more.  it’s just that during all the actions and special effects, we forgot to care about the characters we’re watching.  The movie is still the best Superman movie after the original 1978 one, and it’s still good enough to open up possible future film franchises.



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