Monster University Review


Another great film from Pixar has us asking for more.

Monster University is the prequel of the popular 2001 movie Monsters, Inc.  While it’s not a prequel everyone is waiting for, but it’s definitely a movie we welcomed.

Monster University is about Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully’s (John Goodman) freshmen year in the MU.  It’s how they first met, and it turns out, they don’t like each other at all!  The two characters are both Scare Majors, but Sully, being a legacy, is a big jerk!  He thinks he’s better than anyone, and looks down on others.  Trough the events of the film, both Mike and Sully are kicked out of the Scare Program, and they must enlist frat house- Oozam Kappa’s help if they want to be back in the Scare Program.  The movie is fun and entertaining, with great scenes and characters developments.

The movie further discovers the great monster world.  It opens up different opportunities, and allows us to see just how this world functions.  While it’s interesting to see how the two main characters grow to like each others, it’s the background that makes the film great.  It’s fun to look into the world’s mythos and different career paths the university prepared for the monsters.

Also, while it might be boring, learning how to make the Scare Can sounds kind of fun. 🙂

The film is essentially a college movie, and it’s a brand new field that Pixar haven’t touch upon before.  The thing is, college movies are not so popular these days; that’s a thing of 90s.  However, this being a Monsters, Inc prequel easily allows people to look away from it and enjoy the setting.  I especially enjoy seeing all the different fraternity houses with their own characteristics and differences.  Goth houses, joke house, plastic houses and more.  It’s funny to see the monster versions of these fraternity houses, because it’s so true.

A lot of characters stand out in this film.  I really like Dean Hardscrabble, voiced by the talent Helen Mirren.  She serves as the main antagonist of the film, and she’s really terrifying.


However, within a tough appearance, is a tough and fair character.  I really like these type of characters, because it’s always a tear-jerker when they revealed to be a softie.  Also, no joke, Pixar really improves there CG over the decade and the characters are as realistic as ever.  I don’t think they can design a characte so lively back in the days.  Watch Monsters Inc. first and you will be amazed with the improvements.

Also, this character:

monsters_university_ver11He might be adorable, but you will be surprised how scary he really is.

One of the biggest challenge this film faces is making connection to the original film.  However, I think it done a pretty good job making the connection.  The explanation about why Randy is always squinting his evil eyes is just awesome.  Also, a small joke on why the Yeti got banished to human world is great!  I love all these Easter Eggs and connections.

The highlight of the film is the entire third act.  We found out that Sully cheated so Mike can win the competition.  The two then ended up in the human world where they have to scare some police officers so they can power up the door and return to monster world.  That entire act adds a different flavor to the movie, and it solidified the two characters’ friendship.


I think my biggest disappointment of the film is the lack of Boo.  It’s obvious why Boo isn’t in this film, but she’s the heart and soul of the previous movie.  I was hoping maybe they can have some sort of substitute in this film, but then I’m glad there isn’t .  Any kind of substitute for Boo will just be half-baked, and people will start complaining with a whole different reasons.  However, even without Boo, the movie still delivers us heart warming moments with the friendship between Mike and Sully.

Pixar has done it again with a great movie for the entire family.  Keep up the good works with the sequels, and maybe we can have an Incredible 2 movie soon.



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