World War Z Review


The zombie movie we’ve been waiting for? 

I first read Max Brook’s World War Z about 6 years ago, and I really love it.  The book documented different zombie attack events like real-life historical date, and it’s an unique way of narration.  However, knowing how the book is, I was worried when I heard a movie based on the book is releasing.  I have no idea how they’re going to put the anthology stories into a movie.  Turns out, my worry is meaningless, and the result is great!

When watching this kind of movie, people usually expect an ensemble cast with different characters and stories all over the place.  However, this movie takes an opposite approach.  The movie simply has one main character- Gerry (Brad Pitt) and the stories we read from the book become his different experiences as he travels across the world trying to find a cure.


I like the movie’s decision right away to focus on a single character instead of a full cast.  While watching an ensemble cast movie, I usually have problems knowing which character is our main one, and which characters I should care.  It’s kind of distracting, and it kills the joy of watching the film.

There’s a strong sense of realism at the beginning of the film when we see Gerry and his family getting ready for their everyday routine before all hell breaks loose.  Stuck in the traffic, seeing people running in panic, trying to break free and escape the city…etc.  The situations are just so real, and it continues to put me on edge well into the apartment scene where the family arrived the apartment, and crammed up with a Mexican family.  The movie, however, loses its realism quickly after that.

The rest of the movie revealed that Gerry used to work for United Nation, and the government wants him to set up on a journey to find a cure/origin for the zombie virus.  The movie becomes a different one, and away from the “Man trying to survive with family” story.  However, it doesn’t mean the movie is bad, it just takes a different direction.  The movie is called World War Z after all, so it’s only a matter of time when we see what the movie takes a global approach, and see how the whole world is dealing with this zombie issue.


This is also where we see some of the classic zombie incidents in the book being portrayed on the big screen.  From N. Korean pulling out their citizen’s teeth to prevent further zombie outbreak, to zombies attack on an airplane, the movie has some of the most memorable moments.  Before we go deeper with some of the most awesome scenes in the movie, let’s talk about the zombies in the film.  Unlike the typical ghoulish walkers, these zombies can run faster and jump higher than regular human capability.  Max Brooks, also the author of Zombie Survival Guide, clearly states that the zombies of his world can only do things within human capability.  So I’m wondering how Brooks feels about the zombies in this film?  But all honestly though, I do understand the changes this film made.  The faster, stronger zombie allows them to be more of a threat, and it’s definitely more of cinematic pleasure.  I’m just curious how Brooks feels about it.

Anyway, the zombies climbing the wall scene is crazy!  People inside the wall started to sing, and the zombies hear it and begin to climb up the wall on top of each others.  Eventually the zombies managed to climb up the high wall and attacks every single people inside.  It’s like Attack on Titan all over again.


On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.”- Eren Jaeger.

Back to World War Z, one scene that gets me the most is the zombies attack on the airplane.  I always like zombie outbreaks that took place in bizarre places, and airplane is definitely on top of the list.  I mean, how the hell are you supposed to run when there’re no place to run to?  The barrier the passengers build against the zombies is a great idea until someone has to screw everything up. Well, it’s no surprise the only way out of this situation is to crush the plane, but it was awesome when it last.


The movie kind of takes a turn for stupid after this.  While the movie is still intense and exciting, the “solution” for the zombie virus is dumb.  Gerry notices that the zombies don’t bite individuals that have terminal illness, so by injecting themselves with deadly illness, it creates a camouflage against the zombies.  That has got to be one of the dumbest idea ever.  But other than this dumb decision, the movie is a great thriller that has you nervous for the characters.

At the end, I’m still wondering why the movie trailers are so ambiguous about the zombies.  You never see what people are running away from in the trailers, and they make the film seem like one of those disaster movies.  Are they afraid that people are not going to watch a zombie movie, so they decided to hide the fact?  This is more of a mystery to me than anything.



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  1. I actually agree with you. I saw the movie today and I loved it, except the thing with the cure and the fact that I still don’t get how he knew that those people haved a terminal illness. I mean, just because a person is homeless doesn’t mean that he’s sick, and the man in Israel was just an old man, period. The boy, maybe he haved cancer and that’s mhy he didn’t have hair but, how could he know? The only one that we knew haved some kind of illnes was the souldier, but it still doesn’t convince me.

    But the movie was awesome if I take that away. I really liked it and the zombies freaked me out for real.

    Sorry if I misspelled something, I’m not a native English speaker.



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