The Walking Dead: Michonne Resin Statue (McFarlane Toys) Review

Michonne Statue - SunsetFor the last few years, McFarlane Toys has graced “Walking Dead” fans with an awesome arsenal of action figures and collectibles from both the comic and TV series. Well, now they’ve decided to kick it up a notch by tapping into the realm of intricately detailed statues. And oh man… did they deliver.

What better way to get the ball rollin’ than with the katana-slinging, resident bad-ass, Michonne.

Photo Jul 01, 6 09 39 PM

This thing is ridiculous (that’s a good thing). Just the amount of vivid detail in the craftsmanship, from the torn-up decaying flesh on the zombies to Michonne’s wicked dreads, is truly amazing. The dark, yet vibrant paint job adds really adds to the awe and gruesomeness of the artwork. Considering that this manifestation is of the comic version of Michonne, it’s the closest she’s come to actually being brought to life.

The scene depicts Michonne suspended in mid-aerial attack, during battle with three walkers. The least noticeable of the walkers is the poor Han Solo-esque bastard who never stood a chance, and has already been pre-flattened into the ground.

Photo Jul 01, 6 18 03 PM

Michonne then propels herself off of walker #2, which seems like it may have put up a little more of a fight. However, he has the misfortune of having been completely decapitated, as a pretty cool looking blood stream spurts out of his neck.

Photo Jul 01, 6 08 15 PM

Finally, the remaining third and final zombie stares down the barrel, as the blade stained with the blood of his fallen bros is about to be shoved down his throat.

Photo Jul 01, 6 06 24 PM

Photo Jul 01, 6 16 49 PM

Some assembly is required, but once together, be sure to have plenty of shelf space. At 14.5″ tall and about 13″ at its widest, it eats up a lot of real-estate. One particularly awesome feature is the rotating base, which spins 360-degree, so you can get a glorious view from any angle. In all fairness, this thing probably deserves its own display pedestal. Just sayin’.

Photo Jul 01, 6 21 33 PM

Each statue comes hand-signed by the man himself, Robert Kirkman. They are also individually numbered out of a limited 1,500 just for you. Also included is a certificate signed by Todd McFarlane, authenticating that this statue the real deal, making it altogether a sweet little collectible package.

Photo Jul 01, 6 09 20 PM

With all of the small sculpted parts, this sucker is fragile, so be careful unpacking and assembling it! But all-in-all, this is one of the best designs (possibly the best) that McFarlane Toys has ever conjured up, and they couldn’t have picked a better character to showcase.

10/10 (Absolutely beautiful)

**Special thanks to Nikki for asking me to write this review!**


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