Dexter “A Beautiful Day” Review


The beginning of the end.

*If you haven’t watch the episode yet, you can watch it for free here.

The first episode for the final season of Dexter, and you can feel everything is coming to an end.  Deb is no longer there for Dexter, and Dexter is falling into pieces by himself.  Let the end begins!

The season picks up six months after Debra shot LaGuerta, and things are very, very different.  Debra quits her job, and begins to work for a PI firm.  Batista takes over the job as a lieutenant, and Jamie been dating Quinn for the past months.  While everything is seemingly peaceful, it is not the case with Dexter.  Dexter is in worst places than ever, and he can’t control his urges.  The man he threatens to kill by the side of the freeway didn’t even cut him off, and if anything, the guy is pretty nice about Dexter walking up to him like a maniac.  Maybe Debra is right, Dexter needs her more than she needs him.

A lot of reviewers from other websites state that they don’t like the six months time-skip.  They say that if the season picks up right after LaGuerta’s death, we get to see how it drives Deb away from everything, and we also get to see how it affects Batista as he decides to take the lieutenant job.  However, I disagree with this.  If this is any other season, maybe the previous points will be some great plotlines.  But this is the final season already, and we don’t have time to waste anymore.  We want to see how Dexter faces his “final days,” and we don’t want to waste too much time for all those stories.

I don’t think Debra will make it out of this season alive!  She’s going through some dark places, and personally, I think this is her most annoying state ever.  I don’t find her interesting anymore, and I think her death is necessary because it will finally break Dexter into pieces.  I mean, are we supposed to believe by the end of the series Dexter is still going to keep his secrets hidden?  Of course not, and Debra’s death can be the main reason he lets his secrets out.

Okay, let’s talk about Charlotte Rampling’s character, neuro-psychiatrist Evelyn Vogel.  She’s said to be the “psychopath whisper,” and she’s hear to help solving the new murder mystery.  The strange thing is that she keeps on talking to Dexter about Bay Harbor Butcher, and it’s making Dexter really uncomfortable.  It tuns out that Vogel somehow knows about Dexter’s murder secrets, and Harry’s code!  What the hell man!  How?  And what does she want with Dexter?  Is she going to our “big boss” of the season?  Unfortunately, I watched the trailer by the end of the episode, and they’re super spoilerly, so I already know what’s up with this Vogel lady.


By the way, I like her confident that Dexter can’t kill her because she doesn’t fit Harry’s code.  Only if she knows how many times Dexter broke the code already…

Before I end the review, I want to talk about our favorite babysitter.  Jaime is dating Quinn for a while already, and she’s no longer the super nanny from the previous seasons.  Apparently it takes a lot of time away from Dexter to be with Quinn the piece of shit.  If anyone should die a miserable death is Quinn, and I still can’t believe he made it out of last season alive.  Anyway, Dexter‘s producers have been talking about a spin-off series, so how about a Jamie spin-off?  It can be about how this super nanny moving time around for her serial killer boss, and trying to find a suitable man who’s not a douchbag.  It will be a tough journey with her track records so far.

dexter season 8 character spinn off 4

Louis AND Quinn.  Really?

The episode might not be strong enough for the final season, but it’s still strong enough for us to asking for more.  The end is here folks, and let us enjoy every single moments.



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