The Venture Bros. “O.S.I. Love You” Review


I love you too, Venture Bros!  

Venture Bros really is in its best season yet, huh?  This week’s episode is unlike the previous ones, and heavily focuses on the plot.  While Venture Bros is great for random plotlines and characters, it turns out that the show is even better when it is plot driven.

First off, it’s great to see an episode focusing on Brock comes so quick already.  When the season premiere has Brock and S.P.H.N.I.X leaving the Venture Compound, I thought this is the show’s way to have less of Brock appearances, but it turns out not to be the case.  I’m not complaining though.

The O.S.I finally found Monstroso and Molotov, but throughout the episode, the O.S.I somehow lost both Monstroso and Molotov in their Avengers-like Helicarrier, and the damages are countless.  The rest of the episode is creative and linear flashbacks narration where various characters telling the investigating agents what exactly happened, and how both Monstroso and Molotov (Molostro? Monstrotov?) escaped the Helicarrier.

A lot of story progress in this episode.  Monstroso revealed that the head of the guild is actually not David Bowie, and it was just a disguise.  I’m actually surprised that they decided to back-down from David Bowie being the main villain- what else have he been doing during his down time?

The flashback to where Molotov and Brock first met is awesome, and it completely shines a new light on the two characters’ history.  I always love them being together, and it’s always great to see the show digs deeper to their past.  It’s not surprised that Molotove turns out to be alive at the end of the episode, but it sure is one that she’s joining the O.S.I.  She’s just too much of an interesting character to be killed off, and there’s still a lot to tell between her and Brock.

The biggest shock of this episode is the ghost agents that killed Monstroso.  I have never seen anything as creepy in the entire Venture Bros, but their presence is a great additional to the show’s mythos.  They show up out of no where and kill Monstroso quietly without Brock sensing them.  Also, it’s really cool that they killed Monstroso by phasing him out of the Helicarrier.  Even though it’s kind of anticlimactic that Monstroso died so quickly, it is still bad ass.

Oh, and the investigation agents turn out to be the ghosts?  I totally see that coming.

source (1)

Shore Leave steals the spotlight in this episode.  It’s cool to see that he’s a great leader with the group of G.I. Joe spoof characters, and it’s a present surprise to see that he’s still dating The Alchemist.  The two are so cute together.  Also, it’s funny how Hank’s female strength suite comes to play, and being wear by someone more appropriate finally.  I like the suite, but too bad it’s gone though.

“O.S.I. Love You” is a great episode, and it’s great to see Venture Bros. is becoming stronger and stronger by each episodes.



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