Comic Review 7-03-2013

Trinity of Sin: Pandora issue 1, One Piece chapter 713.  

This is going to be a short review this week.  In fact, I might not even going to update this site as often for the next few days.  I’m moving to a new place in less than two weeks, and packing up is a pain in the ass.

Anyway, cover of the week and first review:

photo 2 (12)

Trinity of Sin: Pandora issue #1.  It’s interesting that DC decides to have an on-going series of the most mysterious character in the entire DC universe.  How much can DC gives away before the character becomes too boring?

While the first issue sets off strong and gives us a better look of this mysterious character, most of the stories are already told in different places before already, and that can make the story redundant.  However, the issues does give a sense of promise that the stories are going to get better, and of course, brand-new content.  So I’m still going to check the series out next issue.  But if you don’t care to read the stories again you already know about Pandora, then you might want to skip this book.

Also, for a book full of different artists, it does a pretty good job keeping the consistency.

I will come up for the series again next month, and I will let you know how I feel then.


photo 1 (13)

One Piece chapter 713 ” Usoland.”  This is a GREAT  chapter!  It turns out that Montblanc Noland been to Green Bit before, and he’s considered a hero to the Tontatta Kingdom.  It tides things up a bit, since Noland did mention that he has been to a small people village before.  I love it when Oda tides his stories together.



You guys noticing a boy with a straw hat in the pic?  This was before we learned that before Shanks gives the hat to Luffy, he got it from the Pirate King himself first.  With the idea that the straw hat is handing down to generations, it’s not surprise that this is the same straw hat Luffy is wearing right now.  It’s just a small observation.

We also learned through Doflamingo that the Marine conducted a World Military Draft after losing so many powers during the Paramount War.  It’s also revealed that the final Admiral’s name is Ryokugyu ( 緑牛), or Green Bull.  Well, my prediction is completely wrong then…

So what exactly is Fujitora’s power?  When it first seems like gravity base, but he just summoned meteor to attack his enemies.  Maybe he is using his gravity power to pull down the meteor?  I guess we’ll have to find out later.

Also, it’s funny that Usopp calls himself Noland’s decent.  I remember that Nami once jokingly called Usopp Noland’s decent because they’re both liars, and it’s great to see that he uses it for his advantage.  Now the members of Tontatta Kingdom are depending Usopp to fight Doflamingo, I wonder how he is going to get out of this.



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