This is the End Review


It’s the end of the world, and I feel fine.

This is the End seems like one of those typical comedy film that’s going to be really bad.  The same jokes repeat over and over again in the trailers, and by the time you actually watch the movie, you are exhausted with all the jokes already.  However, that’s not the case.  This is the End has a lot more jokes hiding up its sleeves, and it’s easily one of the funniest comedy of the year so far.

Based on a short film from 2007, This is the End features a bunch of comedy stars as the very heightened versions of themselves in this end of the world comedy.  The movies features Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson. The main cast is also supported by cameo celebrities such as Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Kevin Hart, Jason Segal, Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Paul Rudd.  The movie essentially answers you how these famous people hang out, and what they would be doing if the world comes to an end.

Just like one of those over the hype comedy films, the movie can easily be a disaster and I don’t have too much expectation for it.  However, the movie turns out to be a surprise hit with its genius remarks.  The story is simple: Jay visits LA from Canada, and stays at Seth Rogen’s place.  That night the two of them decide to go to James Franco’s party, and this is where everything goes to hell (literally).  The movie mainly focuses on Seth and Jay’s friendship, and they must overcome problems ahead of them so they can be redeemed and saved.

There’re a lot of wonderful moments in this movie that makes it great, and most of them are successfully delivered due to the great performances by the actors.  Honestly, if the same jokes/lines were delivered by other actors, the effects won’t be the same.  One of my favorite moment is when the group of friends decide to make a sequel of Pineapple Express while they’re waiting to be rescued.  I remember one of the teaser trailer uses this video, and it’s even funnier when you see it again in the movie itself.

Emma Watson is a great addition to the film, and this is perhaps her first performance outside of Hermione that I like.  The character is different than what she’s used to, and it’s really fascinating to see her in the role.  My only problem is that there’s isn’t enough of her is the movie, and it would be better if she sticks around longer.


The movie does a wonderful job choosing Danny McBride as the antagonist character.  From his past characters in different movies, I can easily see him as the asshole guy portrayed in this film.  He is perfect as he serves as the opposite force in the movie, and brings out the extra tension necessary for great story telling.  Also, it was ridiculously funny when McBride becomes a Road-Warrior like person, and begins his strange cult of eating human in a VERY short period of time.

The movie, of course, have some hiccups here and there.  Personally, I really don’t like the part where Jonah Hill was possessed by the demon, and the gang has to exorcise him.  I found the whole incident way too distracting and unnecessary.  Fortunately, the story didn’t really get in the way of the overall movie, and it’s still a hilarious movie overall.

The movie is hilarious, and it’s easily the funniest movie of the year so far.  There’s a talk of sequel in working right now, and I only hope it’s as funny as the first movie.



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