Dexter “Every Silver Lining…” Review

Episode 802

Really, Dexter?  Really?

Okay, I admit, this episode is better than the previous one.  But do the writers really expect us to believe that after 8 years, Harry got his “code” from a completely new character?  I don’t buy it, and her introduction sooooo late into the game is silly.

While Dr. Vogel’s addition to the show is late, she does prove to be an interesting character.  It turns out that she uses unorthodox methods when treating her patients, and she thinks the killer is one of her old patients and is after her.  She needs Dexter’s help finding the killer because she can’t let the police know about her unorthodox methods.  Knowing that she’s the one giving Harry suggestion to Dexter, I can only guess what her other methods are like.  The most intriguing part is when she realizes that Dexter has emotional needs, and he’s not the complete psychopath she expected him to be.  While it’s most likely a good thing that Dexter is an unique psychopath that show emotions, but I don’t like the way Vogel looks at him.  She really is a suspicious character.

Let’s move on to Deb for now.  Deb is in the worst place ever, and she finally snaps and kills someone.  I’m not surprised with this, especially after what she went through last season.  While she forgetting what happened might be a little too convenient, at least Dexter finally understands how fucked up Deb is now because of him.  Also, for the first time ever, Dexter is REALLY considering changing his ways now.  Yeah, apparently the death of Rita, and having a son to take care of are not enough for him to realize how his actions are affecting others, but his sister killing people is enough.

More than ever now, Deb is not going to make it out of the season alive.  And if she is, she will be really, really fucked up.  Remember the promotional pic Showtime released before the season started?


This one

Suddenly this image has more meaning than ever.

Okay, okay.  Quinn and Jamie’s relationship just become a little more interesting now.  It turns out that Batista already knows the two are dating, and it seems like he’s approving it.  However, Quinn is still a little cry-baby, and he gets all pissy miss-pissyson just because Batista wants him to become a sergeant before the full approval.  You know, Quinn?  Maybe it’s time to grow up.  My biggest problem is that sudden lingering feeling Quinn has for Debra.  It’s been a couple seasons now since Deb and Quinn were going out, and he suddenly has unresolved feelings for her?  I don’t buy that.  Also, it’s bizarre that Deb is spying on him from a distant like that.  The whole thing is creepy, and maybe Jamie should just bail out the relationship while she still can.

Okay, let’s go back to Dexter and Dr. Vogel.  As mentioned before, Vogel is interested in Dexter showing emotional side.  However, she interest in Dexter seems like a person who’s about to perform an experiment.  I wouldn’t be surprise if Brain Surgeon (the new killer) turns out to be Vogel.  It will be like season 6 with the Doomsday Killer all over again, so I hope the writers are more creative this time around.  Whoever the Brain Surgeon is, one thing for sure is someone that we’ve already seen in the series before.  Maybe it’s Lumen?

Also, is it possible that Vogel talks to Brian before, and that’s why he’s the Ice Truck Killer?  It just seems like a high possibilities that she takes on Dexter’s case with high interest, and she tracks down Brian and makes him a killer as way.  Maybe Vogel WOULD be the “boss” of this season after all, but it’s still too early into the season to determine that.



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