The Venture Bros. “Momma’s Boys” Review


Whoa, creepy…

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates on the site.  I’ve been really busy packing in the past few days, and I just don’t have time to take care of the site.  Also, this episode of Venture Bros. really isn’t the best, so I was kind of avoiding the review as much as I can.  I know, I know, that’s very unprofessional of me.

Just like most episodes this season, “Momma’s Boys” focuses more on the characters and digs deeper into their past.  Of course, we”re returned to the aged old question of the series:  Who’s the boys’ biological mother?  There’re many possible candidates, and my least favorite was Myra Brandish.  Sure enough, with my luck, this episode makes the return of this crazed, obsessive character.  Man, how I dislike her.

The whole episode is about Dean wanting to find out if Myra is his real mother or not.  The whole thing in the asylum falls out short quickly, and after all the hype, it’s finally confirmed that Myra is not the mother.  While it’s all seem pointless, I’m glad that at least we get her out of the way.

It’s a shame that Dean’s stories are flat this episode.  He has become such an interesting characters since the beginning of the season, and I was really expecting to see more developments on him.  It really is a disappointment to see him like this, and I’m hoping he can be less one-noted.

While the episode lacks laughs, it’s made up with Hank, Gary and Dermott.  Their whole attempt to rob a bank is hilarious, and Dermott really steals the show.  Everything he does is just funny from him understanding what H.E.L.P.eR. is saying, to his “Flying Side-Kick” misunderstanding.  The funniest moment has to be his interactions with Dr. Orpheus.  One thing I like the most about this show is different characters interacting, and I think this is the first time I see these two interact.  The result is wonderful, and they should keep at it.

Also, the whole Dermott’s daddy issues finally comes to an end.  By the way, I already forgot that Rusty knows Dermott is his son.  I’m glad that he acknowledges it and shares it with Hatred during the moment of grim.  Also, I love Dr. Orpheus for telling him the truth.  Dermott deserves to know better.  The post-credit scene where Dermott calls Rusty “dad” is the best of the episode, and it makes me wonder how their relationship is going to change now.

oh, I don’t really know what that thing with Ted is about.  Can someone please explain it to be?  Is he a pedo?

We haven’t seen The Monarch yet since he found out him and Rusty are childhood friends.  Hopefully this is bothering him as much as it is to me, and when he returns, we’re going to find out what that’s all about.



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