Comic Review 7-10-2013

Justice League issue 22, One Piece chapter 714, The Superior Spider-Man issue 13 and The Walking Dead issue 112.

I think the biggest comic news this week is that the Trinity War finally begins!  We’ve all bee waiting for this event for over a year now, and it’s really exciting to see what this is all about.

The first review and cover of the week:


Justice League issue 22.  The first great event for New 52 is finally here!  The event is very different than what DC lets us to believe in the first place, but it’s still a warm welcome.  At first, the event seems like it is going to be about Pandora VS. The Question VS. Phantom Stranger while the rest of the heroes are involved somehow, or maybe picking sides each.

It turns out the event is more complicated than expected.  The heroes are not taking sides, but they’re fighting each others between teams of Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark.  At the same time with Trinity of Sin and Secret Society pulling strings behind them.  Oh, and it’s great to see Shazam has an involvement in the whole war as well.  He really is one of my favorite hero.

The first death that keeps everyone guessing turns out to be Dr. Light.  Shit, man, didn’t he just get his power?  I was really hoping to see more of him, since his character is such a monster before the reboot, and this version of him seems decent enough. However, there was a female Dr. Light before the reboot, and it seems like New 52 is trying to have that again with the possibility Dr. Light’s wife being the new one.

Anyway, Superman killed Dr. Light right after he accidentally knocks out Wonder Woman.  While it seems like he was being controlled, people are going to say that it has something to do with his feelings for her.  The public already knows those two are together, and people are going to think Superman’s murder has something to do with his feelings for WW.  This is what people are talking about when they said the two being together is a bad thing.  Now we finally know.

While the whole event is different than what we expected, I still can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.  Especially knowing that the end of the war will result to the universe-wide event of Forever Evil.  Can’t wait to see how things are going to turn out.



One Piece chapter 714 “Lucy and Ucy.”  Okay, this has to be one of the most complicated One Piece story arc ever.  Doflamingo Family wants Momonosuke for some reason, and it turns out that Ricky knows Rebecca when she was young.  Overall, there are also stories about the legend of Kyros, Small People, and many more.  Man, this is one of those few arcs where I really like the story, but I still want to see it finished so I can know what the outcome is.

Someone from Doflamingo Family orders Bellamy to kill Luffy.  It’s interesting seeing how conflicted Bellamy is with this order.  Maybe my all-time least favorite character is really shaping up, and I probably wouldn’t mind to see him as an ally.  Not a crew member though, that’s too much.

It’s so Luffy to tame the Fighting Bull and has it fighting for him.  Also, Luffy is expressing his inner characteristic as the natural-born leader, and everyone in the crowd are falling for him.  I remember Mihawk mentioned once that people like Luffy are frightening because they have the ability to have people liking them and wanting to help them.  Well, it shows here.

It’s been weeks since we last seen Nami and others, and it’s really good to see them again.  Jora, the member of Doflamingo Family, has some strange, strange power.  She can turn people and objects into abstract art forms.  It’s a very interesting power, but I’m curious what else the power can do.  Oda usually goes further with a simple power, and it always blows my mind what he came up with.   We shall see when it comes.

Oh, and Luffy beating that giant up with a single punch?  That’s just awesome.



The Superior Spider-Man issue 13.  The arc finally comes to an end, and I’m glad it does.  I don’t like this arc at all, but the ending is shocking!  It turns out that Spider-Slayer has the same idea as Doc Ock to take over Spider-Man’s body, but Doc Ock was prepared for it already.  He even got so cocky and tells him who he really is before Slayer’s death.

Now, the real interesting thing is what Ock requested from Jameson.  He wants the entire Raft for himself so he can have an operation headquarter.  He called the place Spider Island II, and he’s ready to have an entire henchmen system to go on.  It’s really, really cool to see him acting this way.  He’s still thinking like a villain, but he tries to act like a hero about it.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next issue with a new status quo of Spider-Man.


The-Walking-Dead-112-cover (1)

The Walking Dead issue 112.  Oh man, oh man!  What’s going to happen now?  Last week we learned that The Walking Dead is planning an All Out War event in October, and this issue is helping us getting there.

This issue begins where we left off last time and Rick and his people has to deal with the surprise visit of Negan and his people.  While I understand Rick’s anger, it’s is really stupid of him to try to kill Negan with limited help.  It turns out that Negan always has a back-up team ready when he’s picking up supplies, and there’s no way Rick and his people are fighting out of this one.  There’s no way Negan will still have patient for Rick after all this, and there are definitely more death to come soon.

I’m glad to see the series getting better again after some months of slow stories.  Hopefully the series will continue it’s steam, and gives us great stories all the way to All Out War.



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