Things I Noticed From DC October 2013 Solicitations


It’s that time of month where DC released their newest solicitations again.  Here are things I noticed:

  • All the leagues are dead:  All the Justice League series have ominous covers where they state that the respective leagues are dead.  All these teases are killing me, and I really want to know what’s going on?
  • Teen Titan in charge: With the absent of the adult heroes, the teens are in charge to fight the evils.  However, the solicitations already told us that these heroes are going to lose miserably.  I can’t help but laugh at their efforts.
  • Forever Evil is ready and go: All the Forever Evil tied-in issues and series are ready to go.  While I think both Rogues Rebellion and Arkham War seem interesting, I don’t care too much about the A.R.G.U.S. tied-in.
  • Annuals: NightwingAquamanGreen LanternSwamp ThingTeen Titans and Action Comics are all getting annuals this month.  Personally I’m looking forward to Aquaman and Green Lantern.  Which ones are you looking forward to?
  • Batman and Two-Face: Unlike the previous Batman and Robin titles, this time Batman is going to team-up with a villain in a five-part story arc.  Also, apparently Carrie Kelly’s New 52 origin will be told in this story-arc as well.  It’s starting to seen like Carrie is going to be our Robin of New 52.
  • The magical number of 52 is back: With all the new mini-series and new series, DC finally has all the 52 titles in place for a couple of months.  However, it’s not going to last long before DC needs more titles to fill up the number.
  • Joker’s Daughter: We haven’t seen her introduction yet, and she’s already going to be all over the place.  We still don’t know who she really is, but I’m starting to think she might be Harper Row.  October is not too far away, and we’re going to find out soon.

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  1. The annuals I’m looking forward to are the ones of Nightwing and Swampy. Both these characters are perfectly suitable for a standalone story, as the stories told in the annual issues usually are.


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