Dexter “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” Review

Episode 803

Where do we go now?

This episode feels very similar to the previous episode and nothing much changes.  Dexter is still helping Vogel looking for the Brain Surgeon, and Vogel still thinks that Dexter is a unique specimen of a psychopath.  Meanwhile, Debra is struggling for her guilt of killing LaGuerta .  A new episode, but not necessary new stories.

While I feel like Vogel’s character is too on the nose from time to time, I do like her interactions with Dexter.  Her interests in Dexter grow deeper when she finds out that Debra already knows Dexter’s secrets, but Dexter hasn’t kill her yet.  It’s revealed that while Harry is the person who comes up with the idea to kill only other killers, Vogel is the one who came up with the rule “never get caught.”  If things are accordingly to Vogel, Dexter should have killed Debra already.  Vogel then goes ahead and questions Dexter’s true feeling for Debra.  To her, Dexter shouldn’t feel any love for her, and she wonders why Dexter keeps on referring his feeling for Deb as love.

This is the thing though, while the show has been portraying Dexter as a heartless monster, he has been everything but heartless.  Maybe this whole time Harry thought Dexter is a monster ONLY because of what Vogel told him many years ago.  It’s also interesting to note that Vogel is despairing trying to make Dexter into the monster she believed him to be.  This lets me to believe that the Brain Surgeon might be the result of Vogel keeps on believing the person to be a psychopath, and the person becomes a psychopath only because of what Vogel told them.  It means that Vogel creates these killer psychopaths just so she can prove her theories right.  Heck, it’s even possible that the cannibal guy is a result of Vogel’s “persuasion” as well.  It explains why the Brain Surgeon wants to kill Vogel then, and it also sets up Vogel as the “big boss” of the season.  The prediction might be obvious, but it’s not like the show never been obvious before.

Debra’s stories are going crazier and stupider each episodes.  Her guilt for killing LaGuerta is literally killing her, and she ends up drunk driving a car to the pole.  I have no idea what her deal with her new boss is, but I don’t think I really care about the story at all.  In fact, I can’t wait to see Debra out of the show already, her emotional struggles are ruining the final few episodes.  I have to admit though, her story does get a little interesting when she confessed to Quinn that she killed LaGuerta.  However, the interesting goes away quickly thanks to how stupid Quinn is.

I never like Quinn before, but I don’t remember he being this stupid.  His incompetent and feelings for Debra really cloud his judgement and prevent some better story telling.  Oh why, Quinn?  Why are you so stupid?  What can’t you notice something really bad is happening to Deb, and why can’t you stop her from leaving the interrogation room.  WHY ARE YOU PREVENTING ME FROM BETTER STORY?????

Episode 803

Well, at lest his stupidity is stopping him from having a better relationship with Jamie.  Seriously, she can do SO much better than Quinn.

The most interesting part is when Dexter puts a quick needle to Debra’s neck to get her out of the room.  It’s something that even Vogel didn’t expect Dexter to do, and it definitely shows how desperate he really is.  The final words from Vogel are intriguing, and it seems like Dexter might have to kill Deb soon.



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