The Ventures Bros. “Bot Seeks Bot” Review


Deeper into the war between O.S.I. and the Guild.

Now this is what I’m talking about.  Venture Bros. is definitely in their best season so far, but the previous episode “Mommay’s Boys” is kind of a disappointment.  However, this episode makes up the disappointment and gives another another wonderful episode.

This episode is lacked of the usual Venture gang of  Hank, Dean and Dermott.  Even Rusty didn’t really play an important role in this episode, and it mainly focuses on Brock and O.S.I. agents.  To be honest, after last episode’s disaster focusing on the Venture gang, it’s a great change to focus on someone else.  Also, it’s a present surprise to see how much Brock there is this season.  When Brock and his gang first leaving the Venture compound, I thought it’s the writers way of telling us that we’re not going to see as much Brock this season.  It turns out, it’s just a way to show Brock in a different light.  This totally makes up the lack of Brock last season.

We also have a deeper look into the Council of 13.  The members’ identities are hidden ever since their debut, and this is the first time we know the identities of every single members.  They’re all pretty funny characters, and their interactions in the dance club are pretty funny.  We get to understand who these characters are, and I love every single one of them right away.  The opening funeral scene is wonderful.  Not only we get to see Captain Sunshine after such a long time, we also get to see some interesting hero/villain relationships that’s too familiar to Batman fans.

Rusty’s presence in the club comes to a great attention, and it brings The Monarch out since we last seen him in “S.P.H.I.N.X. Rising.”  It’s funny that when Brock couldn’t save Rusty from dangers, Monarch is the person who saved Rusty for a change.  It’s awesome to see Dr. Mrs. Monarch kicks some butts with her knowledge of the guild rules.  Monarch is not going to let just anyone to harm his arch, bitch!  My problem is that I have no idea when the disco ball drops on Rusty, is it supposed to be a gag, or we’re going to see a really injured Dr. Venture next episode.  I would like the post-credits scene to clarify, but it’s a scene where the guild offers Dr. Mrs. Monarch the job in the Council.

Next episode will be the finale for the season.  With such a long wait, I feel like the season is way too short.  The show usually goes out with a bang each season finale, and some new elements will add to the series.  Can’t wait to see what they have in stored.



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