Comic Review 7-17-2013

Justice League of America issue 6, All-New X-Men issue 14, and One Piece chapter 715.


Justice League of America issue 6.  The second chapter of the epic Trinity War, and it’s going stronger than t he previous.  The two leagues continue to fight with each others, and Superman is in remorse of killing Dr. Light.  Meanwhile, the Justice League Dark notices that Madam Xanadu is missing, and they’re looking for her.  With all these excitements happening, the story can be a little rushed.  Well, it’s understandable, since Trinity War is only a six-part series, and they don’t have a lot of space to tell the story.

The story mainly focuses on Wonder Woman’s journey to find out what exactly happened to Superman.  She strongly believes that it has something to do with Pandora and her box, and I think so too.  She tries the help of science, and she tries the help of myth (good to see some WW mythology appears outside of her own solo series), but nothing comes up.  She has no choice but to turn to magic- enters Justice League Dark.  I can’t wait to see what kind of problems Justice League Dark is bringing into the war.

I really enjoy the scenes where both Justice League and Justice League of America called a truce and recover at A.R.G.U.S headquarter.  This gives me the sense of hope that maybe one day all these character when be in a giant team again like how things are before New 52.  It’s a small hope, but it’s something that’s seemingly possible especially when the Forever Evil event finishes.

The ending where The Question makes a full appearance before Superman is awesome.  I really have no idea where the story is taking us next, and how the Secret Society is coming into play.  But we’ll find out next.



All-New X-Men issue 14.  This issue seemingly ends the problems with Mystique, and opens the next chapter.  The biggest problem now is the writers attempt to make Jean Grey a troublesome character.  While I have no problem with Jean being a villain, I really hope the writers can speed things up a bit with Jean’s transformation.  Also, she’s really annoying.

This issue is mainly about the fights and nothing else.  One of the reason this series is superb is because of the wonderful jokes insert here and there in the scenes.  The best one is when Iceman throws a snow ball at Thor, and he apologies profusely.  The art in these panels are awesome, and I really enjoyed the looks on the characters’ faces.

Mystique escapes by the end of the issue, and this time she disguised herself as Maria Hill.  I know everyone thinks that Nick Fury is a better leader than Hill, but Marvel has to stop making Hill looks like a fool.  By the rate things are going, it’s only a matter of time that Hill is going to get canned.  Anyway, it seems like while the Dark Phoenix is only an illusion, it still does damages to Jean’s psyche.  Let’s see what’s going to happen next.


images (33)

One Piece chapter 715 “Closely Contested C Block.”  This week, Oda takes us away from all the other storylines, and simply focused on Luffy’s battle at C Block.  Once again, we’re introduced with a lot of new characters.

We learned that Sai, Boo and Chinjao are all members of something called the Happo Navy.  While it’s unknown what the group is infamous for, it’s also revealed that Chinjao can use Haoshoku Haki.  I think he’s one too many people that know how to use this type of Haki, and I personally feel that it’s starting to be too overdone.

Ideo is a character introduced in this chapter.  He has strange arms, and he punches with explosion.  It seems like he might be a member of the Long-Arm Tribe, but it’s not sure yet.

Jean Ango is another character introduced in this chapter, and he’s a bounty hunter.  It seems like he knows who Lucy is really is, and this makes him the “Sabo of the week.”   What’s that, you asked?  Well, we all know that Sabo can’t really be dead, and readers been guessing who Sabo is now.  The guess is crazy all the way from Law to Kuma are all possible candidates.  I think it’s stupid, and now people are guessing that Jean Ango is Sabo just because he recognized Luffy.

First off, this:


Does not look like this at all:


I’m pretty sure when Oda wants Sabo to make an appearance, he’s going to be a lot cooler than Jean Ango.

The Funk brothers are also new additions in this chapter.  They’re really bizarre, and it seems like the older brother has the ability to absorb the younger brother or something to make himself stronger.

So the fight in C Block had begun!  While it’s pretty obvious that Luffy is going win, Oda sometimes give us surprises.  Looking forward to see who’s going to eat the Mera-Mera no Mi, and maybe a potential 10th crew member.



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