Comic Review 7-24-2013: Justice League Dark #22


The Good Kind of Geek is back!!!

Hey fellow good geeks, sorry for the lack of update for almost a week.  I was busy moving, and my new place doesn’t have internet until yesterday.  But now that I’m back, you bet your ass that The Good Kind of Geek will bring you geeky news and reviews like always.

Since I don’t have time to read a lot of comics and One Piece is out this week, I decide to only review Justice League Dark issue 22.

This issue is part of the Trinity War tied-in, and the story quickly spirals out of control.  Wonder Woman is requesting the help from Justice League Dark to find Pandora, and Batman leads a team trying to stop her.  Meanwhile, The Question breaks Superman out of his cell, trying to find out who’s really behind Superman’s bizarre actions.  The break-out mission is surprisingly very messy, and I thought The Question will be more magical than he portrays.  Also, while it’s cool to see all the superheroes working together and all, I don’t believe that everyone can be convinced so easily.  It’s a little too rushy, and not clear why everyone is willing to help Superman.  Is his reputation really that good?

At the end of the day, Amanda Waller is just an ass can’t be trust.

The showdown at the House of Mystery is cool and all, but you can only describe the situation as messy.  The team started to divide up and some of Batman’s people decide to help out Wonder Woman instead.  I’m a fan of unseeingly characters team-up together, but this is starting to be confusing.  Also, it’s not clear why some people joining what team, and it’s unclear what their motivations are.  I know an event like this is hard to hear everyone’s voices, but I just hope they wouldn’t marginalize so many characters.  I mean, what kind of reason is it to join Wonder Woman because “she’s Wonder Woman“?  This is why we need more tied-in issues with the event, so we can dig deeper with individual characters.

Mentioning tied-in issues, I’m still considering to get Constantine and Phantom Stranger.  One is about Constantine and Shazam (interesting) and the other is about searching for Dr. Light’s soul (also interesting).  I’m really considering reading those two.

In conclusion, the event is really heating up now, and I can’t wait to read what’s going to happen next.  I just hope the story is not as rushed, and we can understand what the characters are going through better.



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