Dexter “Scar Tissue” Review


Debra makes a decision, and double back.

The main focus of this week’s episode is Vogel trying to convince Deb that she’s made the right decision not killing Dexter.  Vogel shows Deb all the videos of Harry, trying to convince her that this is something that even Harry approves.  Her mistake is when she lets Deb watches the video herself, and begins to interpret it her own way.  This results in Debra making the conclusion that Dexter is dangerous, and she should end his and her life together.

That final scene is shocking when Debra forces the car into the lake.  I’m glad that the episode didn’t just end when the car sinks, and we get to see Debra double-back on her decision, and decides to save Dexter instead.  This spares us from cheesy wondering what’s going to happen to our characters, and it shows us that Debra made her decision- there’s no doubt how she feels about Dexter.  Now the problem is how Dexter feels about Deb now?  Will he still love her like how he always do?

Also, a around of applause for the random bystander that rescue Debra.  An exciting fishing day for him, huh?

Dexter’s journey of finding the Brain Surgeon is hitting walls all over the place.  Not only he was spied by the suspect the whole time, the suspect actually manages to sneak away from him.  I think the lack of his sister is making Dexter rusty or something, but I don’t think I see Dexter successfully take down a victim yet this season.  It’s good to see that Dexter cares about others and he’s not really a psychopath like others, but it would be nice to see that  he stops screwing up, and done something right for once.

Okay, Vogel is bothering me more and more each week- how can she be innocent at all?  It’s starting to seem like that Vogel might be the person to suggest the Brain Surgeon to kill others just so she can experiment on how Dexter is going to react.  This theory is backed up in the episode when Dexter finds out that Vogel has been writing about Dexter this whole time.

Vogel is the Brain Surgeon.  There, I said it.

Other characters have some interesting stories this week, too.  Vince has a hotty follower that turns out to be his daughter.  It’s a twisted, but great story for a character like Vince.  I always thought that Vince’s happy ending will be him ending up with a hot wife, but this is good too.  I can really see Vince change for the better with a daughter around.

Mentioning a wife, what’s up with the neighbor lady that likes Dexter?  What are the writers planning having her around?  Are we supposed to believe that another woman around will convince the viewers that Dexter is not the monster we believe him to be?  I think we already establish that enough.

At the end, that’s talk about the ever annoying Quinn.  Can the writers just understand that we don’t care about Quinn?  He loves Deb, he doesn’t love Deb.  He is going to be a sergeant, he is not.  Who cares?  The whole thing feels like a soap opera anyway.  Oh, and the fight he has in the restaurant?  It’s so cheesy, I’m lactose intolerance.

Overall, it’s a wonderful episode this week.  Debra finally stops being a annoying bitch, and does something about it.  Even though she changes her mind in the last second, I still give her respect for it.



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