R.I.P.D. Review


Don’t watch R.I.P.D.  For the love of god, don’t watch this movie!

I watched R.I.P.D. the other day, and it’s awful.  I mean, the trailer doesn’t seem that promising in the first place, but I didn’t know it’s going to be this bad since Jeff Bridges is in it and how bad can he be?  It tuns out, very.

Since the start of the film, the movie already has problems with pacing.  The boring conversations are too long, and we can’t wait for the actions.  However, once the interesting parts come along, it becomes too quick and we cannot enjoy or understand Ryan Reynolds’ character and reasoning of him to join R.I.P.D.  It’s a big moment for both the viewers and the characters and I think the movie should slow down during this part so we can understand how the world works better.

Mentioning how the world works better, the writer needs to do a better job establishing the rules of the universe.  I have no idea how things work in this world, and it’s really annoying trying enjoy a movie like this without knowing the rules.  For example, the whole thing with ghosts don’t like Indian food is just stupid and random.  And how both Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds are seen as different people to general public is a big bug.  Jeff Bridges is seen as a hot blonde chick to others, but what happened to his hat?  All the scenes with him trying out new hats, what do people see during those scenes?  Believe it or not, this bug really bugs me (ha ha) and I’m losing sleep over it.

R.I.P.D. also has problems with characters’ voices.  Jeff Bridges’ character doesn’t care about the gold or anything, but he then points a gun at Ryan Reynolds’ head when he finds out he was hiding the gold before he died?  Talk about character confusion and it just doesn’t make sense he would do such a thing.  When I was in film school, my teacher and peers used to criticized each others’ works and character’s voice is one thing usually being criticized on.   The writer clearly failed at film school, and needs a lesson on what character’s voice is.

Story has pacing problems, the rule of the universe is not clear, and the characters don’t have voices.  The movie might have its moments, but not enough to make it a good film.  Don’t watch R.I.P.D.



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